Mathira electorate vow to use their resources to field Wamaranga for next year’s polls

By Alla Wanjiku

Mathira philanthropist Wambura Wamaranga during a past function

As aspirants continue preparing for next year’s polls, a section of Mathira electorate want Cristabel Wambura Wamaranga to join the race to succeed incumbent Rigathi Gachagua.

The residents who spoke to our political desk said it will be a two horse race for Mathira’s parliamentary seat saying Wamaranga is the people’s choice.

Led by Elias Mwaniki the leader for Mathira We Want forum, the electorate said they needed Wamaranga in the National Assembly next year due to her philanthropic deeds to the locals.

According to Mwaniki, there are major development projects that Wamaranga initiated in 2017 but since she decided to give the incumbent an opportunity to work for the people, she decided not to interfere with the affairs of the Constituency.

“We are not lost to the fact that our able leader had initiated drilling of boreholes Kiamucheru and Kiamabara areas and we need her back so as to complete and initiate other projects,” Mwaniki said.

Jane Wangari recounted how the strong woman initiated 45 floodlights in the entire Mathira Constituency using her pocket money but decried failure by Gachagua to service the same when he was elected to office.

“She is kind hearted and her efforts to see people grow saw robust registration of social groups which included youth self help and women groups as well as traders associations which she intended to uplift could she be elected MP, all that went to drain because the incumbent did not work with us,” Muthoni said.

She took a swipe at the MP for what she termed as his deliberate efforts to kill local businesses especially when he decided to import paints for learning institutions as opposed to growing local businesses in Mathira.

Ragathi Gachagua MP Mathira

“Business people have complained over the last five years due to frustrations whenever they apply to supply paints, their documents fill dustbins of Gachagua’s offices and when feel this has to stop,” the youth said.

They claimed that there could be a collusion between Gachagua and Mathira CDF chairperson Wahome Mwangi alias Wamatinga who is his close business ally and do not understand the circumstances that saw him being elevated to the position of CDG chair.

“Could there be a ploy to deny local business an opportunity to work with Mathira CDF? How did the MP ended working with his long time business partner to manage our CDF?,” the youth posed.

They averred that Wamaranga is a clean, transparent and an accountable person who will clear the mess at the CDF office.

Wambura Wamaranga. Residents have vowed to support her in the next year’s general election

The youth who seemed to have a bone to chew with their MP castigated him for playing politics using the dilapidated Jambo-Kagochi road which he converted to a political tool in 2017  but after ascending to the office, he abandoned his quest.

They raised eye brows with Gachagua’s slogan Kanda Ya Wira saying he forgot his mandate and started playing politics at the detriment of lobbying for roads and water projects in his Constituency.

They claimed in Gachagua’s reign, people living with disabilities and the vulnerable are the most forgotten.

James Muchiri said Wamaranga is the only leader who will upstage the MP who he accused of prioritising campaigning for Ruto as opposed to working for him.

“We have information that the MP in his usual utterances said the only threat to him is Wamaranga who has not yet declared her interests. We plead with her to hear our request and join the parliamentary race,” he said.

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