MCAs ranking: Wangu Ward MCA ranked the best performer all others are less popular compared to their rivals

By Ndungu Gachane

MCA Isaac Kamote Waciama the best performing MCA according to poll ranking by Mizani Africa

Wangu Ward MCA Isaac Kamote has been ranked as the best performing Member of County Assembly by Mizani Africa and the only one who could make a comeback if an election would be held in Muranga today.

Mr Kamote known for his availability to the electorate, his agitation and representation prowess to his people has been rated at 62.7 per cent in a poll conducted between October 2 and October 10 in a sample size of 600.

In a self-funded poll, Mizani Africa collected the data at Ward level in all the wards in Muranga County with Mr Kamote emerging as the best in the overall poll.

Known for his transparency and nearness to his people, Mr Kamote’s phone is always on and does not shy away from answering any distress call from his Ward mates where he spends the nights and days when he is not in the Assembly or in government offices lobbying for services to his people.

Mr Kamote Waciama is arguably the only MCA who sleeps in his village and who can be seen taking a patient at the wee hours of the night to a hospital.

Other than contributing to community developments, the MCA who has retained his seat for over 5 consecutive elections is also vocal and eloquent in legislative roles at the County Assembly of Muranga.

He is the current chairperson for Governance, Labor and Justice Committee and he is also a member of the House Business Committee at the Assembly.

He is touted by his electorate as a leader who does his job with passion, whole hearted and a man with clean heart without vendetta or a person who hold grudges.

According to the poll, Mr Kamote would beat his closest rival hands down since he would garner 60 per cent of the votes cast while his rival Ngumi Githirwa would only get 20 per cent of the votes.

The poll however draws a picture where all the other MCAs would not make a comeback.

Township Ward MCA Jacinta Nganga who has an overall performing rate of 32.7 per cent can’t make a comeback since in comparison of her rival Mr Charles Karina Machigo she would be mercilessly deconstructed after garnering 10 per cent of votes compared with Mr Machigo’s 40 per cent.

Murarandi’a Nganga Kiiru who got an overall performance  rating of 32 per cent could not resist Mr Wang’ombe’s beating as he can only convince 20 per cent while Mr Wang’ombe gets 33 per cent.

Mbiri Ward MCA Dancun Muturi who got 26 per cent of the overall rating has a popularity rating of 13.3 per cent while his rival Mr Wanjau enjoys a popularity rate of 26.7 per cent.

Mugoiri’s  Sospeter Nyoko enjoys a popularity rate of 13.3 per cent while his rival Irungu Maina is way ahead of him with 33.3 per cent.

In Mathioya,  Kiru Ward’s Morris Thuku only enjoys a popularity rate of 14.3 per cent a similar rate with Michael Gathii Gakungu.

Gitugi’s Samuel Mwangi Kihurunjo emerges as the second last person with a popularity rate of 6.7 compared with Jackson Mutugi with 13.3 per cent while Mr Samuel Mwangi Kifeeti enjoys the biggest popularity rate of 33.3 per cent

In Kamacharia Ward,politician Joseph Muchiri enjoys the highest rate of 28.6 per cent followed by the MCA Gelrad Wambugu with only 14.3 per cent.

In Kangema, Rwathia Ward’s Peter Mweri is the least popular with 6.7 per cent while Mr Manyatta is the most popular with 13.3 per cent.

MCA Jeremiah Komngo Kihara has the same popularity rate of 13.3 per cent with Mr Wagatitu while in Muguru Ward Ngungo Maina has the least popularity rate of 6.7 per cent while Mr Kimani Mburu carries the day with 20 per cent

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What about Gaichanjiru and Kagunduini wards in kandara?

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