Meet Muranga MCA with two Master Degrees, pursuing PhD and warming for a more senior elective seat

By Joyce Macharia

Ichagaki MCA honored as the third best performing MCA nationally.

Charles Mwangi Ng’ang’a a visionary, strategic and charismatic politician who is currently representing Ichagaki Ward residents at Muranga County Assembly.

A frequent debater and drafter of various Assembly bills, the MCA alias Ichagaki One has been described as the most focused and smart MCA and this can be attested by the number of awards he has received from various organizations.

Ng’ang’a aka Ichagaki one, is the ward representative for Ichagaki ward in Maragua, he serves as the Mt Kenya MCAs caucus chairman and a member of the National governing council. He recently got an award from Mizani Africa for being the best third MCA in the country.

A determined, social and kind leader, Ichagaki One is the only MCA in Kenya who donated his full salary to go towards the national kitty that compliments the government in the fight COVID-19 disease.

He also used his personal fund to rehabilitate and maintain the infrastructure of Maragua and Ichagaki roads.

His name is evidenced in education transformation and he believes education is an eye opener to the greener pasture.

Due to his believe that education open doors, he has supported school going children by donating geometrical sets, conducting mentorship programs and sponsoring poor but bright students to schools of their choice.

Ichagaki MCA honored as the third best performing MCA nationally.

His slogan “Work hard for better tomorrow” justified by Martin Luther King junior 11” Its only in darkness that you can find the Star, has enabled the MCA rise from a humble family to become a leader and a scholar.

He is an expert in governance and leadership, a holder  Bachelor of Science (Bsc) Governance and Leadership, Masters of Science (Msc)  Governance and Leadership and another Msc in project management.

He is pursuing a PhD in project management at JKUAT

In an interview with, Ichagaki One said he believes that leadership is a calling and should be characterized by humility, accountability, transparency and competence and that one must be God fearing.

Although he is yet to declare what position he will vie in next year’s polls, Ichagaki One said after consulting with his Ichagaki people where he hail from, Maragua electorate and the general populace of Muranga, he will announce the way forward in the near future.

However the leader has been receiving delegations urging him to either vie for the Senate seat or the MP so that the good deeds he has been doing to his natives can be replicated to Maragua and Muranga people respectively.

Voters have been pushing him to vie for either the Senate or the Parliamentary seat due to his governance experience and the fact that he is an enemy of corruption and do not stomach any shoddy transaction or dubious project which follows up to  higher authority like the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission.

He believes corruption is the thesis of all evil within and outside the society given that it deprives needy their basic and social amenities.

He comes from a humble background which was characterized by poverty beyond.

His late father Zakayo Nganga sold family land at Rurii near Maragua railway station with an effort to maintain the family and his education probably a reason for his vocal stand against corrupt leaders and their agents.

He believes in unity and has urged Mt Kenya region to unite for delivery purposes, prefers listening and team work


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