Mp Nyoro opposed to proposed additional Constituencies

By Ndungu Gachane

Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro he is opposed to proposed additional Constituencies

Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro is opposed to a BBI proposal to increase Constituencies saying the move will only increase the clamour for more additional Constituencies.

Mr. Ndindi observed that the quest for more constituencies will never end even after adding 70 new electoral units as proposed in the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report.

Instead, the MP is of the opinion that the number of Constituencies should remain but the formula on revenue allocation changed to one man one shilling one vote to ensure the populous Constituencies get more National Government Constituency Development Fund.

The Tanga Tanga adherent said having more electoral units will be a  burden to taxpayers due to salaries and funds to run the Constituency as well as money to pay the officers.

“Bringing in more MPs will come with more expenses. Every legislator will come with expenses amounting not less than Sh 50 million per year; can this money instead be channeled to support key sectors including education, health and agriculture,” said MP Nyoro.

Kiharu Constituency has the biggest registered voters in Muranga with more than 140, 000 voters with Mr Nyoro saying he has no problem serving the constituency the way it is.

“If now Kiharu is divided in two, the new constituencies may lack the threshold to be accepted as it is required by law. Other regions in this county will also demand more constituencies and the quest will go on and on,” he stated.

The legislator said what will heal the issue with representation is to distribute resources equitably among constituencies.

” Kiharu is two times bigger than Kangema, so let’s get allocation which will service the population in Kiharu and this is the only way to ensure equity to regions,” he said.

On BBI, he said he will sit and discuss with his people on whether to support or not to support the document.

“Am advocating for consensus about the proposals in the BBI  report. This will save Kenyans a lot of money. There is still a window to have a united voice about the report,” he added.
Meanwhile, more than 540 university students who are joining first year from Kiharu are slated to share Sh 6 million bursary from local CDF.

The money, Ndindi said, will support the learners to join the universities considering many parents are undergoing financial challenges posed by the impact of Covid-19.
The MP said by early next year local CDF has factored Sh 20 million which will benefit learners in secondary schools.
“All first-year university students who applied for bursaries will benefit and next year we will also consider the continuing students. The CDF will also sponsor pastors and evangelists who are continuing with theology studies,” he further added.

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