Mp Wamaua, Ichagaki feud persists, after the latter summoned by DCIO makes new drastic steps

By Ndungu Gachane

Maragua Mp Mary Waithira Wamaua and her political nemesis Ichagaki Ward MCA Charles Mwangi Nganga

The bile between Maragua Mp Mary Waithira Wamaua and Ichagaki Ward MCA Charles Mwangi Nganga alias Ichagaki One has intensified after the Mp made good her threat and wrote to Makuyu DCI requesting the sleuths to summon the MCA over his petition to EACC to probe Maragua NGCDF

The MCA says he was summoned on December 9 where Makuyu DCIO demanded a signed and duly stamped copy of the petition presented to EACC.

According the MCA, he was warned that failure to produce the copy he would face defamation and incitement charges

“I was summoned at the office of the DCIO and upon hearing the reasons a tense argument ensued. I asked him his motive since defamation is a civil suit while incitement could have happened outside his jurisdiction. This means that if I’m to face the alleged incitement charge then it is outside Makuyu’s jurisdiction since I addressed the press outside EACC headquarters,” he said.

According to the MCA, the move by the MP to work in conjunction with Makuyu Criminal Investigation boss is a well-choreographed and coordinated effort to silence, coerce and intimidate him so that he may stop pursuing the matter with the anti -graft body EACC.

“The whole scenario begs the following hypothesis Do State officers have jurisdictions on their work environment, when did the State officer (Makuyu DCIO) became private lawyer to institute defamation suit which is a civil suit, if DCIO has no conflict of interest, why is he pursuing the alleged incitement which may have happened outside his jurisdiction

“Why is he concerned on time frame, scope on expedition of Maragua NGCDF EACC probe, why summon me to demand the copy of the petition yet he has to wait for EACC to complete its investigation,” the MCA posed.

He claims its awkward for a State officer to demand the presented petition which is under active investigation by EACC an independent body saying that  would then insinuate that EACC is incapacitated.

To that effect, the MCA wants the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), Interior PS Karanja Kibicho and the office of Muranga County Criminal Investigations to look into that issue to ensure that their offices are not misused by the political class.

“I have written to the Witness Protection Unit (WPU) for protection and I have also petitioned the DCI and the PS for interior Mr Karanja Kibicho to wade into that issue,” he told our news desk.

However the DCIO refuted the claims saying he only summoned the MCA after a complaint was filed against him and that he is only investigating an incitement allegations which he will pursue after EACC completes its investigations in relation to the MCA’s petition.

“We conduct investigations after a complaint is made against a person that’s the case with the MCA, the MP filed a complaint against him on incitement and that’s what we are pursuing, I intend to write a letter to EACC to expedite their investigations so that if the allegations are unfounded, we continue with the incitement suit against the MCA,” He said

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