Mp Wangari Mwaniki wants political class to shelve their personal gains in the ongoing BBI debate

By Ndungu Gachane

Kigumo legislator Wangari Mwaniki. She wants politicians to address BBI without personal interests

Kigumo legislator Wangari Mwaniki has pleaded with the political class to start addressing the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) with a view of nationhood and not for their own selfish interests.

The workaholic MP says the country can’t grow if leaders can’t be focused on social economic values and principles but on their political aspirations warning that the ongoing BBI debate can only be meaningful to Kenyans if leaders stop viewing it for political gains.

Speaking to journalists at Kaharati village in Kigumo on Thursday, the MP noted that the proposed BBI recommendations are superb especially on governance, social economic view point and revenue allocation to devolved units.

She defended the proposed creation of positions at the top with a fact that the same leaders who loose positions have a considerable following that could only support the government of the day if their preferred leaders are in the same government.

“We should not bury our heads in the sand, let us agree that we are in tribal country and people may want to support government when they feel there is inclusion of their people in the same government,” the MP added.

She said no serious investor can invest in Kenya in every five years due to post election skirmishes that mar the country due to election disputes and recounted how the country has lost major companies which have since shifted their base from the country due to political instability.

“The proposed positions must be relooked on angle of how many job employment opportunities we lose after every five years and having a political positions that eliminate war and instability,” the MP advised.

She hailed the proposed Ward Development Fund that she said will bring more money to Counties saying the Ward Fund will deepen economic activities at grassroots level but called on review of National Government Constituency Development Fund (NG-CDF) saying the current formula is biased to populous Constituencies.

“I would also call on the review of the revenue sharing of the NGCDF which is discriminatory because we receive the same amount Sh100 million while some electoral areas have more population that others, those with 20000 people get the same amount with others with over 100000 people, that is an issue that needs review,” Ms Mwaniki said.

She called for genuine leadership in this country and gave an example of Singapore where leaders viewed their decisions on issue based and not their personal gains.

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