Mps Alice Wahome and Muturi Kigano clash at Nyakahura during burial preparation meeting

By Ndungu Gachane

MPs Muturi Kigano and Alice Wahome at Nyakahura during a burial preparation meeting of 5 people who died while coming from Makueni County. They clashed over politicking in funerals

Nyakahura funeral preparation meeting turned political on Wednesday after Kangema MP Muturi Kigano clashed with his Kandara counterpart Alice Wahome when the former cautioned MPs Wahome and Ndindi Nyoro not to play politics at the meeting.

It all started when the area MP Mr Kigano warned the visiting MPs not to play hide and seek politics at the meeting saying he had received pleas by President Uhuru Kenyatta cautioning the political class not to seek political mileage using the tragedy that left five members of one family dead.

He warned leaders that although they were welcome at the home of the bereaved, he would not entertain politics in his area.

“President Kenyatta is very clear that he don’t want politicians to convert the tragedy to gain political mileage, let anyone who want to assist the family do so but I don’t want politics in my Constituency,” the MP made the remarks directing them to the two MPs.

He said he was totally in charge of his jurisdiction and that he will open the area for politicking on 2022.

Earlier on, the MP had accused Deputy President William Ruto’s Tanga Tanga faction of waiting for people to die so as to craft their entry into burial ceremonies with a sole aim of playing 2022 Presidential elections.

“We don’t have a vacuum in Kangema Constituency, I’m in charge the two leaders came without informing me but I advise them to wait for another family to die so as to play politics there and not in my area,” he told journalists.

However, Ms Wahome who waited patiently for her turn to address the mourners could not stomach the MP’s remarks.

While deconstructing Mr Kigano’s speech, the Mp told him off reminding him that the President was not for the chosen few and that he belonged to the simple majority and that Dr Ruto too served in the same office with the President.

She also told the MP to respect the democracy and the freedom of speech while responding to his directives on playing politics at the meeting.

“I know your utterance on stopping  politicians from playing politics were being directed to me, Ndindi Nyoro and the area MCA since we are the only politicians but you must understand that we are mature people and we know where and when to speak politics,” Ms Wahome said.

She went on and reminded the MP that although he was her senior in law, she too was his senior in politics a move she insisted should cling in Mp’s minds.

She openly told the MP that she belonged to Husler Nation and that she would mobilise her colleagues to add some more contributions towards the burial arrangements.

While Mr Kigano contributed Sh1 million for the President and Ps Kibicho’s Sh2000000 Ms Wahome contributed Sh300000 for Dr Ruto and team.

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