Mudavadi’s candid message to Mt Kenya on Raila or Ruto’s Presidency

By Ndungu Gachane

Musalia Mudavadi at his Musalia Mudavadi Center with a delegation from Muranga. He said he will be in the ballot come 2022

Amani National Congress (ANC) party leader has sent a passionate and candid appeal to Mt Kenya region to consider him for presidency while at the same time cautioning them to reject Deputy President William Ruto and Opposition chief Raila Odinga since the two could be in vengeance mission.

The ANC party leader who talked to a section of Muranga leaders and opinion shapers at his Musalia Mudavadi Center in River Side Nairobi said the country needed a sober President who is able to revive the economy from the ruins of Covid-19, bad debts and not people whose manifesto is to divide the country into hustler versus dynasty.

The astute, composed and sober Mudavadi cautioned Mt Kenya fraternity to do SWOT analysis (consideration of strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) while evaluating his candidacy with that of Dr Ruto and Mr Odinga.

Mr Mudavadi receives Former Maragua MP Kamande Wambuku to ANC. He will be the chairperson for ANC in Muranga

“The two leaders could be on a vengeance mission and this will be bad for the economy of our country, we need to ask who shall suppress the economy and we must also understand that temperament of people we elect to office matters,”Mr Mudavadi said stressing that their (Odinga and Ruto) focus may not be for economy but for political revenge.

Mr Mudavadi takes pride in his experience in higher echelons in government having served as Vice President, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance under former President Daniel Moi where he is credited for reviving for economy when the country suffered bad debts.

He said just like the way former President revived the economy, he was equal to the task because like Kibaki, he too was an economist and is able to manage the country in terms of negotiating for rescheduling for bad debts.

“Mr Kibaki, Uhuru and I have been in the Ministry for Finance we should ensure the trend continues and elect me as the President. My agenda will mainly focus on economy since government has no money to even plan for the much anticipated referendum,” the ANC boss said.

Elected leaders who graced the meeting led by Fred Agoi, (Sabatia) Bishop Titus Khamala Mukhana (Lurambi) Nicholus Scott Tindi Mwale (Butere) and Beatrice Adagala (Vihiga Women Representative) said Dr Ruto’s and Mr Odinga’s Presidency was bad news to Mt Kenya region.

“Kikuyus will be most casualties under the leadership of Dr Ruto, the next Presidency must be an economist or else you will be subjected to poverty for the rest of your life,” Bishop Khamala said.

They acknowledged the fact that to win Presidency in Kenya one needed money, God and the Kikuyu community promising that under Mudavadi’s rule, the Kikuyu community will be at the center of his government.

During the function over 20 people who included former Maragua MP Peter Kamande Mwangi Wambuku and former Gitugi Ward MCA Dancun Njuguna were officially received by ANC and promised to support and to popularize Mr Mudavadi in Mt Kenya region.

They were led by political parties’ craftsman and strategist Mr Simon Gikuru Kamau who is ANC’S point man in Mt Kenya who announced to crisscross Mt Kenya region to rally behind Mr Mudavadi’s support.

Mr Gikuru has a rich experience in politics having been the chairperson for Jubilee party in Muranga, and having grown in political parties since his University days in Makerere Uganda where he worked for the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM)  under the student’s league.

“When Muranga speaks Mt Kenya speaks, we are ready, determined and focused to popularize Mr Mudavadi in Mt Kenya region, people are yearning for change and the change is Mr Mudavadi,” he added

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