Muranga Assembly adjourns after MCAs skip afternoon session to debate reduction of tax rates

By KK Online Reporter

Kimorori MCA Amos Murigi sitting alone at Muranga County Assembly.

Muranga County Assembly was on Tuesday adjourned in the afternoon session due to lack of quorum as the legislators failed to turn up for their duties.

The adjournment meant that the Ward representatives did not convene to conduct their duties which includes oversight, representations and legislation.

Out of the 53 MCAs only one member attended the session forcing the temporary Speaker Caroline Njoroge (Nominated MCA) to adjourn the session.

After the assembly was adjourned MCAs  Charles Mwangi Nganga alias Ichagaki One (Ichagaki) and Jacinta Nganga (Township Ward) arrived only to be informed about the adjournment.

Coincidentally, the Assembly was scheduled to deliberate on MCA Amos Murigi’s motion that sought to beseech the Governor Mwangi Wa Iria adminstration to reduce taxes by 50 per cent owing to the deterioration of economy over the Covid-19 pandemic.

The motion also sought to have the scheduled market days to be abolished to ensure all days remain market days.

This according to Murigi would contribute in combating the Covid-19 at a time when the third wave claimed lives of many.

Failure by MCAs to attend the afternoon session saw the motion returned to the House Business Committee for reallocation of time for debate.

The order paper detailing on Murigi’s motion

Adjournment of the afternoon session means that MCAs should not claim or benefit with the allowances or that should they go ahead to claim the perks, they should be surcharged and return the money.

Murigi told that although he could not state whether it was a sabotage, failure by MCAs to attend the session was a major frustration to Muranga people who were represented in his motion.

“There has been that tendency of MCAs failing to attend the session but I don’t know whether today’s issue is connected with my motion, its a serious frustration,” The MCA said.

Murigi said even the seconder of his motion Milka Ngare (Nominated MCA) was nowhere to be seen.

“Milka was to second my motion but she later told me that she was unable to make it due to the traffic snarl up at Thika road block,” Murigi said.

However Ichagaki said they were late as they had visited one of their colleagues who has been bereaved by the husband but they came back late for 10 minutes only to find the house adjourned.

“The matter is being blown out of proportion because the mover of the motion had agreed with the presiding speaker to wait for colleagues but he refused and again even the seconder had not arrived what could he expect other than adjournment,” Ichagaki One paused.

The MCA added that the motion was bound to fail because it lacked merit due to some of it’s recommendations.

“I was actually ready to oppose the motion since some of its recommendations are untenable. How do you scrap market days without conducting public participation which is a requirement of Public Participation Act 2018.”

Ichagaki One further poked holes on reduction of tax rates proposal saying it was a preserve of the executive and that no parliamentarian can take the role of the executive.

“There should be a proper legal guidance on verification of motions to be tabled in the Assembly as some are illegal in nature,” he noted

He added “some matters need sober minds when solving delicate issues affecting the public because in the face value some proposals resemble incitement to the executive and the assembly itself.”

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