Muranga leaders front Wa Iria to mcee all political meetings including Tanga Tangas to avoid chaos

By Ndungu Gachane

Muranga leaders front Wa Iria to Mcee all Muranga political meetings

Muranga leaders have resolved to attend all political meetings in Muranga County and have fronted Governor Mwangi Wa Iria to mcee the meetings.

The leaders led by Governor Mwangi Wa Iria, Senator Irungu Kangata, Women Representative Wanjiru Chege, MPs Peter Kimari (Mathioya) Nduati Ngugi (Gatanga) Muturi Kigano (Kangema) Mary Waithira Wamaua (Maragua) and over 50 MCAs said they shall attend all Tanga Tanga meetings to promote peace in their meetings.

The leaders accused MPs Ndindi Nyoro (Kiharu) and Alice Wahome (Kandara) of fanning violence at Kenol town in Maragua a move that led to the death of two youths.

According to the leaders the two leaders must be held accountable for the loss of lives and property in Kenol in a meeting attended by Deputy President William Ruto.

“We shall go to court to seek court orders to have the two leaders pay for the damages incurred by business people,” the Governor said.

He added that although all the Tanga Tanga adherents were welcome in Muranga they would never sit and watch as they interfere with peace and harmony for Muranga people.

On his part Senator Kangata said the leaders will mobilize funds for the two men who died during the melee and at the same time castigated the violence.

“There has been a pattern of violence in this country and we condemn war at all costs, we shall see how we shall support the families for the people who died during the skirmishes,” the Senator added.

Ms Chege said it was petty and embarrassing for a whole Deputy President to mobilise over 40 leaders to come to insult her.

“It shows that I’m the only woman with balls in Mt Kenya region and I’m ready to face them, we dont want visitors who are bringing chaos in Muranga, if they want to insult us let them do so in their regions,” Ms Chege said.

Gatanga MP Nduati Ngugi laughed off Dr Ruto’s hyped popularity in Muranga wondering what numbers he has been boasting to have given that he only had two MPs.

“He only has Nyoro and Wahome out of the 9 leaders does he not know numbers?” He wondered.

Muturi Kigano told off Dr Ruto and told him to first conduct a church harambee at Kiambaa church that burnt in flames during the 2007 post election violence

Mathioya’s Peter Kimari said they will be present at Mathioya to welcome Tanga Tanga on October 16 and to ensure that they do not malign President Kenyatta in their meetings.

According to Ms Wamaua she was not aware of the meeting which was held in her Constituency.

Effectively, Ms Chege and Mr Kangata will be in charge of National Government Development in Kiharu and Kandara constituencies over hostilities by respective leaders of those constituencies to protect public resources.

Wa Iria will provide administrative and technical support in regards to project implementation

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