Names of a financier, 8 more who have defected from Kangata’s political camp

By Allan Wanjiku

Senator Irungu Kangata and his grassroot PA Noah Gachucha in a past function

As leaders plan to launch their campaign machinery ahead of next year’s polls, Senator Irungu Kangata seems to be a besieged man, a politician on the receiving end after losing his most trusted men.

Barely a week after he lost one of his think tank members; Joshua Githinji who went ahead to declare the Senator as a man who is ‘unfit’ to be the second governor of Muranga, Kangata has yet again lost a battalion of campaigners who include a key financier in his 2017 campaigns.

They include a Nominated member of Muranga County Assembly who has since declared support for Water Principal Secretary Irungu Wairagu, a social media strategist, a driver who has been employed at Muranga County Government, a grassroots coordinator and a women group’s leader.

A sister to the women group’s leader has also decamped from Kangata’s camp after saying the center cant’ hold any more and is yet to declare which political camp she will take her supporters from across the county.

When Githinji decamped he made his announcement at his Facebook account where he used the opportunity to urge the Muranga electorate not to consider Kangata as Muranga governor since he is ‘poor financial and political manager’.

“Of all and I have veto power on who becomes the governor, I believe anyone else fits the bill bit not Irungu Kangata he is an emotionally weak man who believes it’s his interests only or none an emotionally weak man who believes in only when he benefits engagement’.

In a tell all post, Githinji further claimed that Kangata is an extremely poor decision maker and that Muranga deserves a proven human, financial and political manager to pick up the pieces that the ‘current regime will leave’

Noah Gachucha and his boss Kangata in a past function. While Kangata wants to vie for governor, Gachucha is vying for Gitugi MCA

Githinji who touts himself as a former Kangata’s advisor, a member of the Senator’s kitchen cabinet and his confident claims Kangata does not change the lives of voters, his personal friends and his personal life.

A political turned foe further claims Kangata’s medical camps are ‘cosmetic and deceiving’ and that he has never had ‘life changing project’ for the nine years he had been in elective position.

“A leader should be able to improve the lives of his staff and his inner circle but Kangata has failed terribly,

“It’s terribly hard to get any of his friends from Primary school that has benefited from him being in national leadership, working for him is the surest way to poverty,” Githinji added.

According to Joshua, Kangata shifted to Tanga Tanga to save his dwindling political career’ but claims the situation has not changed due to his ‘old habits which he says are transactional’.

He said it was unfortunate that despite youths from his Muranga town Grogon home having helped the Senator to clinch various elective positions, they are still languishing in poverty and that he has not elevated a single person’s life.

In his quest to be the next Muranga governor, Kangata will need a robust political team which can be trusted to campaign and deliver his message to the electorate.

But the team seems to differ with their boss.

Some of the members include Nominated MCA Flashia Nduta, Mr Samuel Gatuguta Slasher), Joseph Karatu, Catherine Wangui (Cate) Joshua Githinji, Mama Shiku among others.



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