Nyakahura chaos depicts Tanga Tanga as a political outfit beating drums of war

By Ndungu Gachane

Leaders who attended Nyakahura burial on September 25

On Friday, all roads headed to Nyakahura village in Kangema for a send of the four family members who perished from a fatal accident at Makueni County while heading from a dowry ceremony.

However, political leaders as usual graced the occasion to condole with the family but the outcome was disruption of the burial ceremony after chaos erupted when Kiharu MP rose to the podium to address the mourners.

Before him, the area MP Muturi Kigano had warned the MP of playing politics in the area saying they were only interested in consoling with the family and not politicking and singings heaps of praises to Deputy President William Ruto.

In fact Mr Kigano went ahead and accused a section of leaders of playing the role of henchmen and sycophants and conducting ‘tumbocractic’ politics for their selfish gains.

When Mr Nyoro rose to address the mourners, a member of public, Mr Alex Mbote interrupted him and scolded him demanding that he first offer an apology to the Head of State for his ‘venom’ remarks against him while at Kajiando in a function attended by Deputy President William Ruto.

What started as a joke and a murmur generated in a serious tug of war as the supporters of Mr Nyoro surrounded the exposed MP from any attack that could come from the opposing side.

The unrelenting faction went on and demanded that the MP stop addressing the mourners until he retracted his words and remarks made from political rallies and his social media platforms and efforts by him, Mr Kigano and the presiding Catholic priest to calm the agitated crowd were futile.

After about 20 or so minutes and when the Church realized that the hostility would dominate the burial ceremony, the Catholic Priest ordered his clergy men and the bereaved members to take the bodies of the deceased to the hearses and transport them to their home which is 2 kilometers away from the venue.

While this went on, Senate Majority Whip Irungu Kangata and Women Representative Wanjiru Chege calmly watched as the events unfolded.

Notably, Mr Kangata who is known for his ideology based politics and earlier been attacked by a Nominated MCA at Muranga County Assembly but locals booed at the attacker while the Senator followed in his seat probably allowing the MCA to express himself.

However, even after locals raising their voices to show their dissatisfaction with the Mca’s conduct, the area MP furiously responded to the MCA demanding him to respect the Senator owing to his vast experience in politics and friendly demeanor and tolerating in nature.

“You must respect Mr Kangata, he is verey senior in politics and holds a very powerful position that demands respect, he should never be attacked by a person of your stature and age, “the MP told the MP.

This is not the first time Mr Nyoro’s presence caused mayhem and fracas in an orderly and organized program.

Early this year, his presence at Kieleweke leaders’ meeting at Gitui Catholic church nearly generated into fist fights as he engaged Nominated MP Maina Kamanda over who to act as the MC to invite leaders to speak.

Another meeting that led to chaos and mayhem was Kandara meeting where Dr Ruto, Mr Nyoro and other leaders attended and started accusing Governor Mwangi Wa Iria of sponsoring an ‘improper Avocado processing bill’ when Wa Iria stormed the meeting.

Tanga Tanga leaders’ supporters aided with Dr Ruto aides badly assaulted Wa Iria’s supporters and led to their hospitalization.

This leaves Tanga Tanga brigade with eggs on their faces and shows like they are determined in beating drums of war probably because of their vigor, energy and determination to win 2022 Presidency.

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