Nyakera, Kangata lock horns over the Senator’s viral video

By Alan Wanjiku

Irungu Kangata and Irungu Nyakera

Muranga Senator Irungu Kangata and former Principal Secretary Irungu Nyakera have engaged in an online tiff after Kangata’s video went viral when he tried to address the Senate via zoom.

In a video that is taking rounds in social media, a voice of a man is heard disrupting Kangata while claiming he was in Sabina Joy or somewhere in a bar while Senate Speaker Ken Lusaka denied him access saying he was in inappropriate position.

The Senator tried to defend himself but his defense fell on deaf ears after the Speaker said ‘No no no that is not an office Senator Kangata. Im sorry we can’t allow that, the rules are very clear on where you can be,” Lusaka said.

Nyakera who is vying for governorship against Kangata in next year’s polls condemned the Senator and accused him of spending time Sabina  Joy while ‘his’ residents were in anguish

Nyakera took issue with the milk woes where he claimed that dairy farmers have been suffering after differing with Muranga County Government.

“A few days ago, 15 milk farmers and directors from Kangari Dairies (Kigumo), Kahuro Dairies (Kiharu), Kigoro Dairies (Gatanga), Kiarutara Dairies (), and New Nginda Dairies (Maragua) asked to meet with me on account of mistreatment by the County Government. Like I always do when I hear about farmer plight, I gave them audience.

The farmer centric leader outlined that the farmers’  challenges was that the County Government was insisting that the dairies MUST deliver milk to Murang’a County Creamery (MCC) at Sh33 per liter while the Dairies had another supplier buying milk from them at Kes 43 per liter.

“When these dairies, which supply 80% of all milk delivered to MCC, stopped delivering milk to MCC, MCC shut down. As we speak, MCC is not running. The devolved unit refused to pay Sh148.8 for milk delivered by these dairies and wrote to KCB Bank, Coop Bank, Amica, Unaitus and Mentor Sacco asking them to freeze the bank accounts of these dairies and even called for AGM on September 22to remove the Dairy directors from office,” Nyakera added.

He says due to his interventions, Agriculture CS Peter Munya instructed the Dairy Board to conduct an investigation on the matter and that upon completion of the probe farmers will be paid their Sh148 and all accounts unfrozen

“My questions are: Why isn’t the current Senator of Murang’a addressing this issue or does he want to guarantee an endorsement by staying silent and not caring about the farmer plight and) Why would any farmer agree to be paid Sh33 per liter when there is an offer for prompt payment of Sh43?

Probably after reading through the former Principal’s post Kangata swiftly responded and defended himself claiming he has never sipped alcohol leave alone tasting it. He went ahead and claimed that the voice insertion in the viral video was made by Raila and Kieleweke bloggers.

“No drop of alcohol has ever passed via my mouth, I requested a statement from Senate Trade, Tourism and Industrialization Committee inquiring why Murang’a farmers remain unpaid for milk delivered to Murang’a County owned factory. Further the county should explain why landlords hosting milk coolers plus Boda  Boda transporters that ferry milk to respective coolers remain unpaid,” Kangata claimed.

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