Only BBI will save Kangema and Mathioya’s CDF allocation, says Former MP Ngahu

By Ndungu Gachane

Former Kangema MP Tirus Ngahu

Former Kangema Mp Tirus Nyingi Ngahu has cautioned that failure to endorse and approve the proposed Constitutional Bill 2020 will create more problems to the protected Constituencies.

According to Mr Ngahu, a trainer and a strong BBI supporter, Kangema, Mathioya and 25 more protected Constituencies risks being added some more Wards by the IEBC for the boundary review exercise which means the usual NGCDF fund but more Wards.

Mr Ngahu says there will be no additional NGCDF funds but there will be an additional Ward which will strain the electoral unit in terms of resource allocation.

“If we take Kangema for example, we have three Wards but we receive Sh100 million but with boundary review a new Ward from Kiharu will be pushed to Kangema with no additional revenue, this will affect bursary allocation and construction of classes and chiefs offices,” Mr Ngahu said.

He added that for that simple reason, constituents and leaders from Kangema and Mathioya should mobilize and drum up support for the BBI in bid to save their Constituencies from another burden.

He added that Kiharu leadership should also support the BBI as it seeks to give Muranga a new Constituency as opposed to plans to move a Ward or two away from the electoral unit.

He said since time immemorial, Kiharu which has high population rate has never been added a new Constituency while new electoral units have been born from original four Constituencies.

Kandara gave birth to Gatanga, Kigumo to Maragua and Kangema was divided to give way to Mathioya.

“Time is ripe to subdivide Kiharu to give rise to a new Constituency, since 1963, the original four Constituencies have given rise to four more Constituencies and this is the best remedy for Kiharu,” he added.

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