Peter Kenneth can do better as a beauty pageant not a Cs, youth leaders say

By Ndungu Gachane

The residents said Peter Kenneth performed dismally when he was Gatanga MP and could not be compared with a ‘workaholic’ Cs James Macharia

A section of Members of Muranga County Assembly and residents of Muranga County have opposed to a proposal to incorporate former Gatanga MP Peter Kenneth to the Cabinet saying he is best suited to be a beauty pageant and not a Cs.

The leaders described Mr Kenneth as a Johnny Come Late saying he failed to support the President when he needed him most both in 2013 and 2017 general elections when contested for Presidency and Nairobi governor respectively.

“Mr Kenneth in 2013 refused to support President Kenyatta when he needed him most, in 2017 when Jubilee was eager to clinch Nairobi gubernatorial seat, he could not swallow his pride to work with Jubilee, but now he is purporting to lecture us on supporting the President who we have supported even when he refused,” Mr Habire Chege, Nominated MCA for youth said.

The leaders claimed of a plot and a political machinations to remove Cabinet Secretary for Roads, Infrastructure Housing and Urban Development James Macharia from the cabinet position and replace him with Mr Kenneth saying they are opposed to such plot as he has implemented government’s projects across the Country.

“Mr Macharia has a track record of development in Kenya and in Muranga particular, Mr Kenneth has no track record when he served as the MP but he perfected the art of public relations to hoodwink people that he worked for his people, it is governor Mwangi Wa Iria who is constructing an orthopedic hospital in Kirwara while Cs Macharia is foreseeing construction of tarmac roads in his area where he represented,” Mr Chege added.

The leaders also dismissed the Saturday meeting convened by PS Joseph Wairagu, Mr Kenneth, CAS Zack Kinuthia and a host of local leaders wondering how an entourage of over 60 vehicles could be used to launch a borehole.

Mr Samuel Mwangi alias Kifeeti said it was sad for government employees led by Mr Wairagu and Mr Kinuthia to misuse government resources to conduct local politics.

“If the likes of Mr Wairagu and Mr Kinuthia wants to play politics, let them resign to have ample time to conduct politics,” he said.

A section of local leaders led by Nominated MCA Habire Chege. They are opposed to a proposal to have Peter Kenneth in Cabinet.

They accused the Ps of insubordination and undermining the head of State by politicizing water projects in Muranga to gain political mileage.
“This fellow should stop misrepresenting President, he is very far in the pecking order of National Leadership to be dispatched by Head of State. Executive order of 2019 outlined the structure of National Government and Intergovernmental Relations between two levels of Governments. He need to conduct himself like CS Macharia who despite many Roads construction in the region he has never launched any as he awaits President to Launch them.”

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