Police sergeant ‘from heaven’ promoted for his acts of mercy

By Simon Kahara

A sergeant who gives the National Police Service (NPS) the true reflection of what it should be, has finally been promoted after years of merciful deeds to drug addicts in Muranga and the country at large.

Mr Moses Kimenchu who people baptized ‘sergeant saviour’ has never arrested a drug addict, a drunkard or an abuser of drugs, he counsels arranges for drug awareness campaigns to the areas affected and if he finds that the victim requires to be rehabilitated, he connects the addict with well wishers who sponsor the rehab program.

He then continues to do follow ups and to offer guiding and counselling services to the addicts until they overcome their situation.

He has done it to ordinary citizens, his fellow colleagues, Kenya Defense Forces officers, teachers, lawyers, and other people in different cadres.

A former cobra at Marimante village of Tharaka Nithi County, Mr Kimenchu has visited nearly every corner of this country assisting the addicts to recover and mind you, using his money from his meagre salary not forgetting that he is a sergeant.

He tells KK Online News that the fate of his colleagues motivated him to start offering guiding and counselling services noting that when most of the officers are frustrated and depressed they run into drinking spree leading to the increase in suicide cases amongst police officers.

“After securing a job, I noted that drinking was a problem in the police service and through the permission of my seniors, I started offering guiding and counselling services to colleagues before extending the services to the community,” he says.

His actions has attracted President Uhuru Kenyatta who recognized his deeds in 2018 and offered him a Head of State Commendation (HSC).

He has also received various awards from different sectors including the National Police Service, Nacada and other government and non governmental organizations.

Mr Kimenchu says most families with addicts can’t afford rehab fees and urges government to regulate the prices but to play his part, he has opened an mentorship and empowerment center in Muranga town known as Sergeant Saviour Mentorship Empowerment and Counselling CBO (Smec) to assist such families.

His acts too have been recognized by his bosses who have promoted him to be working at Counselling and Champlains Unit at the Kenya Police Service headquarters in Nairobi.

Driven by passion, zeal and commitment, Mr Kimenchu believes he will now reach many people and through his now acquired education specifically on counselling services on post traumatic disorders and management of stress, he will be of great help to Kenyans.

Currently, Mr Kimenchu is stationed at Mbagathi where he is tasked in counselling patients with Covid-19 disease.

The sergeant’s story motivates Kenyans that if you perform your duties differently, someone somewhere will recognize your efforts no matter what time.

But Mr Kimenchu urges Kenyans not to be doing good to be recognized but to change the way of life and to impact lives.

“If I was only counselling people to be recognized by my seniors, may be I would have lost hope, but passion has driven me to my levels and I’m always grateful to my God, let us change lives even in our day to day activities and in our areas of discipline,” he urges Kenyans.

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Augustine Kipterio cherono
Augustine Kipterio cherono
1 year ago

Wonderful work.

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