President urged to remember independent candidates in the formation of government of National unity

By Ndungu Gachane
President Uhuru Kenyatta has been urged to include leaders who vied as independent candidates in the 2017 ‘bungled Jubilee party primaries’.
Former Muranga Senator Kembi Gitura and Kiharu Constituency aspirant Karanja Mburu Wamatangi. Mr Wamatangi has called on the President to remember the independent candidates in his formation of government of National Unity. Photo file/ KK Online News


A former Kiharu Constituency aspirant Karanja Mburu Wamatangi has said the over 4000 Independent candidates overwhelmingly supported and campaigned for the President in 2017 general elections despite the controversy that marred the party primaries.
The engineer, philanthropist and Kenya Can Do Kids director who even after the elections has remained in the ground working for his people says now that the so called Jubilee Tsunami that was responsible for their downfall has been tamed, the President should consider some of the independent candidates in the looming cabinet reshuffle.
“We were popular on the ground we were liked by masses but swept away by the ‘Jubilee Tsunami’ wake during nomination and on August 8th. Since the Tsunami wave has been tamed and kept in its place, its only fair that the President deems it fit for some of us to join government,” Wamatangi told KK Online News.
In Muranga, Mr Wamatangi vied as an independent candidate in a tight campaigns against the current incumbent Ndindi Nyoro, While Antony Chege alias Chege Niarenda opted to vie as an independent against Mary Waithira alias Wamaua.
 Radio host Waithira Muithirania was also in the independent candidates category against Muranga Women Representative Wanjiru Chege.
Former Senator Kembi Gitura who lost to Irungu Kangata during the party polls also vied as an independent candidate.
The first Kiambu Governor William Kabogo as vied as an independent candidate after losing in the party primaries to the now impeached governor Ferdinand Waititu while Karungo Wa Thang’wa lost to Kimani Wamatangi.
Jamlek Kamau lost in the party primaries against Governor Mwangi Wa Iria but did not vie as an independent candidate.
Most of the independent candidates and those who lost in party primaries believe that they lost after Deputy President William Ruto allegedly meddled in their victory.
They give a narrative that he only wanted people who would frontier his 2022 succession politics, people who he could control easily unlike some of the candidates who were deemed as decisive and whose loyalty was only for their kingpin President Uhuru Kenyatta.
Among their reasons to believe that the party primaries were unfair are the concerns of failure to use the party register, failure by the party to use and incorporate the Jubilee cards which candidates were forced to buy and to give to locals for free among others.
But even after the ‘bungled’ elections leaders who were determined to serve have continued doing so, with Wamatangi continuing to serve by way of construction of water tanks to community and schools with an aim of having 200 water tanks in Kiharu by 2020.
He says so far they have constructed 40 tanks and his resolved to construct more has only gained momentum due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

“With hand washing at the core of our fight against the novel corona virus disease, water really determines  who is more vulnerable and who is less vulnerable,”

Therefore, clean water remains a basic component  in this fight. We remain committed in the provision of this basic commodity to our community by building more storage water tanks with an aim of ensuring that every member of our society has an easy access to clean water. Our vision remains to build 200 water tanks by the end of year 2020,” he says.

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