Pro Wairagu supporters defend Wa Iria after clashing with his supporters

Ps Irungu Wairagu’s supporters led by Magochi Murathi, Ali Buke, Esther Irungu among others after re grouping at Camp David Motel Maragua, they defended Wa Iria after his supporters blocked them from issuing a presser in Jambo Hotel Mukuyu

By Ndungu Gachane

Supporters allied to Water Ps Irungu Wairagu have exonerated Governor Mwangi Wa Iria after a section of his supporters blocked them from conducting a presser at Jambo Village Mukuyu.

In an interesting turn of events, the supporters who were expected to castigate, condemn and accuse Governor Wa Iria for sending his supporters to block them from talking to press, the pro Wairagu supporters praised Wa Iria for supporting the President’s agenda on water.

Led by youth leader Magochi Murathi, the six Wairagu lieutenants accused Kirinyaga and Nyeri leaders of sending goons to disrupt their meeting and for trying to paint a picture of a County that is at war.

“Over 300 goons were sent to disrupt our presser, they claimed that they were sent by our good governor, but I can guarantee that that is not the governor, it is some leaders outside Muranga who want to create a wedge between the governor and the Ps on water projects,” Mr Murathi said.



They said Wairagu and Wa Iria are good sons of Muranga county who support President Kenyatta’s agenda on water

Their intended presser was disrupted prematurely by the supporters of Wa Iria led by Mr Samuel Mwangi alias Kifeeti a staunch supporter of the governor forcing the six Wairagu supporters to run for their dear lives.

During the melee, Wairagu supporter Ms Esther Irungu alias Madam governor was injured as she tried to look for her way out through a fence, she has since been treated and discharged.

Despite their frustrations meted on them, the six re-grouped at Camp David hotel in Maragua to exonerate the governor saying the over 300 could have been sourced from either Nyeri or Kirinyaga County.

But the group cautiously and with measured words, defended Ps Wairagu over his visit to Muranga to launch and inspect water projects proposing that his office should even be devolved to Muranga for him to enforce the President’s agenda on water connectivity in Muranga.

“The Ps is implementing the President’s agenda for water provision of clean water for drinking just as Wa Iria supports the President, the Ps should even camp in Muranga to ensure we have a 100 per cent water connectivity,” the group said.

But on Sunday, Wa Iria’s supporters took a swipe against Mr Wairagu accusing him to resign instead of playing politics with projects initiated by Kenyatta led government with an aim of seeking political mileage for his 2022 gubernatorial campaigns. h

Led by Nominated MCA Habire Chege, they accused the Ps of using government resources of doing campaigns and taking the President’s credit with the water projects in Muranga.

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