VIDEO: Ps Wairagu’s men conducting survey for a borehole chased at Mjini village

By Ndungu Gachane

Principal Secretary Irungu Wairagu’s men were on Tuesday chased like stray dogs by residents of Mjini village in the outskirts of Muranga town when they tried to conduct survey for a borehole project.

The locals accused Mr Wairagu’s team of trying to compete with Muranga County Government by trying to establish another borehole near the one which was established and operationalized by Governor Mwangi Wa Iria’s administration.

The angry locals demanded that the officials leave the place with immediate effect and to deliver a message to Mr Wairagu to respect the County Chief.

They also made it clear that the Ps must liaise with the devolved unit to avoid duplication of projects and to ensure smooth coordination as envisaged by the Head of State when he introduced the National Government Coordination Committee which is headed by Interior Cs Fred Matiangi.

“We want you to leave this place immediately and tell your boss that he must work with Governor Mwangi Wa Iria whenever he want to initiate a project if at all he is not campaigning for 2022 gubernatorial post,” locals were heard directing the team.

Geologists deployed by Mr Wairagu to survey for a borehole project at Mjini village.

The residents also wondered why an outskirt in Muranga town was to get a borehole from the Ministry of Water and Sanitation instead of piped water saying drilling a borehole by the heavily funded Ministry was equating Mjini village with an interior part of Turkana County.

“Murang’a people want explanations as to why their water is being given to Nairobi and they are left under the mercies of bole holes like in arid areas, it is only a devolved unit which is justified to drill water to Mjini since we all know that the same Ministry where Mr Wairagu is in court with Muranga County for hiking water tarrifs,” they said referring to suit in Muranga High Court lodged by Muranga County Government against water companies and Wasreb’s decisions to hike tarrifs.

The locals also revived a debate on Ndakaini dam water which takes water to Nairobi saying “It’s satanic for someone to store all your water in a lake at Ndakaini secure it with police and be coming over weekends with hundreds of vehicles from the entire country purporting to be providing water through bore holes.”

They wanted the PS to point out any home in Muranga with piped water since he started his water programs saying he was only engaged in pure politics.

“Since he started his “purported’ water programs, no single home has even gotten piped water, if this is contrary to the truth let him provide details,” a resident said.

The decision by the locals comes barely a week after a lobby group vowed to implement President Kenyatta’s new directives to government officials to involve cabinet during launching and inspecting national government development projects.

The youth castigated Mr Wairagu of using the projects to advance his political ambitions.

“Any officer who will not adhere to the directives will meet us in the ground we shall read them the executive order of 2019 that appointed Mr Matiang’i to coordinate the government programs, the youth led by Mr James Mwangi said.

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