Reasons that will be given for Aden Duale’s ouster

By KK Online News

Nyeri Town MP Ngunjiri Wambugu. He has outlined reasons that will be given for Duale’s removal as the National Assembly Majority Leader

Four days after President Kenyatta began to crack the whip to the rebel Senators, Kieleweke coordinator and Nyeri town MP Ngunjiri Wambugu has outlined the reasons that will see National Assembly Majority Leader Aden Duale removed from the lucrative position.

The MP who is usually in the kitchen cabinet in President inner circle says Mr Duale has just like his the ousted leaders, behaved in a manner seemed to be contradicting Jubilee party leader and must either step aside or wait to be removed from his seat which he has held for seven years.

According to Mr Ngunjiri, Mr Duale, Dr Ruto’s confidant, stated few weeks that President Kenyatta is being deceitful with ODM leader Raila Odinga in the BBI process, and that at an opportune time the President will throw Mr Odinga under the bus, to help Ruto, a position he has never refuted to date.

The Nyeri town legislator believes that by his remarks, Mr Duale casted aspersions on the integrity of the President and can not be entrusted in steering the BBI process in Parliament.

“As we head into an intensely critical period of delivering BBI to Kenyans, that will call for mutual trust, honesty and humility between ourselves, Raila’s troops, and all our other (new) coalition partners. Duale doesn’t believe in the BBI and can’t there be the one to lobby for it in parliament,” Mr Ngunjiri told KK Online News.

“For this primary reason I strongly support the push to have him changed as Majority Leader of the Jubilee Party in the National Assembly,” he added.

Mr Duale is one of Dr Ruto’s main ally as he was one of the officials of the defunct URP party that was headed by Dr Ruto as the party leader before it was dissolved in 2017 alongside 12 other political parties including the TNA party to form one party which is now the troubled Jubilee party.

The Jubilee party purge comes at a time when ODM is also warming up to sanitize it’s house in readiness of the much awaited BBI process which may see the constitution being changed through Parliament.

KK Online News has established that the main reasons for the reconstitution of Parliamentary leadership is to ensure Dr Ruto allied leaders are removed on key committees and on the leadership to prevent blocks that may hinder passage of BBI bill that shall contaon radical constitutional amendment of the constitution such as introduction of Prime Minister’s position and two deputies to bring to an end the winner take all leadership as it is currently.

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