Revealed: Is National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi, a Ruto project

By Joy Macharia

National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi at Mukurwe Wa Nyagathanga shrine when he was installed as Mt Kenya region kingpin

Two weeks after the coronation of National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi, revelations, unfolding of events shows that the Speaker could be Deputy President William Ruto’s project.

According to sources closes to the sources, President Uhuru Kenyatta’s cousin Kungu Muigai had to be in the picture to create a notion that the President was in the mix and to facilitate police’ assistance in bid to fight opposition from elders and Governor Mwangi Wa Iria.

It is rumoured that although Muigai is President’s cousin, he seem to be in different political path with his cousin especially after visiting Dr Ruto three months ago.

He is said to be using his family name to advance his own agenda without undue interference from the political class who would not want to be seen to fight the Kenyattas.

Due to Muigai’s influence for example, the joint national leadership of both Kiama Kia Ma and Kikuyu Council of Elders were first denied access to Mukurwe Wa Nyagathanga by police officer over Covid-19 pandemic claims but the letter was revoked after one day following ‘ a call from the above’.

Police officers familiar with the confusion confided with said they thought Kenyatta’s government had a hand with Muturi’s coronation until they received a call to okey the cleansing ceremony.

“We were perceiving the cleansing ceremony as anti government due to Muigai’s influence during the coronation ceremony and thats why we had banned the cleansing ceremony but the pressure we got from Nairobi to provide security for the cleansing ceremony proved to us otherwise,” an officer who cant be quoted told our political desk.

It is whispered that Muturi a sympathizer to Ruto will soon announce his 2022 Presidential bid and then claim to be in talks with ‘likeminded’ contestants before claiming that Kenya was bigger than and offer himself as Ruto’s running mate.

This will ensure that Ruto gets Mt Kenya East region’s support and compel the larger Mt Kenya West to support Ruto.

‘To do this, a well choreographed plan had to be used to make Muturi look like a serious and influential politician, and thats how Muigai was brought in to the picture to do the dirty work,” a source added.

However Governor Mwangi Wa Iria backed by the regional governors moved swiftly and dirtied the plans announcing that President Kenyatta remained the region’s kingpin and spokesperson.

The national leadership of the two cultural associations also thwarted the plans and this means that Ruto and Muturi must go back to the drawing board and improvise new ways to access the voter rich basket region.

A new revelation has emerged that because of Muturi trying to remove a man from his bed, a Kikuyu saying that translates to a man trying to inherit his father while alive, plans are under way to remove Muturi from being the National Assembly Speaker.

We will keep updating on what is happening behind the scenes.

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