Revealed: Joe Nyutu’s political cards on his Senatorial bid

By Allan Wanjiku

Joe Nyutu, Muranga Senatorial aspirant 2022

Whenever the name Joe Nyutu is mentioned, ten out of ten people will have a positive way to describe him.

To many he is humble, patient, philanthropic, social, accommodative, genuine, kind, resilient, merciful, straight forward and honest.

Nyutu is in a list of very few individuals who have been born and raised in Muranga but invested in Muranga. When a story of those who support the county’s economy, will be done, his name will be familiar and will definitely occupy the biggest space.

Born in Ichagaki, Maragua and married in Kiharu, Nyutu’s popularity comes from the ordinary people because despite his massive investment, he lives and mingles with them.

“He has major investments in Maragua when other people of his social status invested in other places, the effect of his businesses is that he is a source of livelihoods to many who include the literate, semi literate and those who do not know who to read and write, he is our son,” Margret Wanjiku from Maragua town said.

Unknown to many, it was residents who pushed Nyutu to seek for Senatorial seat and because he is a servant leader, defender of public resources and an ardent Christian, he agreed.

Bachelor of Education(BEd.) degree,CPA(k),MBA holder Nyutu has also earned the tittle Mutuuri Matuura due to his tendency of visiting locals at the grassroot level and spending most if his precious time with Wanjiku

“He believes that God through the people gives leadership and that is why he has never been concerned with political deceit and conmanship, that is why his approach to people is different, starting to the most powerful and influential determinant of a leader (a voter) as opposed to following influential leaders to be seen as a famous person by the electorate,” Euticus Njogu an influential youth leader from Maragua said.

Njogu, a member of Nyutu’s think tank said Nyutu fits in all social classes educated because he is, poor because he came from an extremely poor background and many other aspects.

Our political desk has learnt that Nyutu has a special purposes political machinery, the people, who have volunteered to convince the electorate to vote for him.

“We have decided that it is the people who should decide who to represent them, as opposed to the political sponsorship that has always happened, it is the people who have picked Nyutu, and he has enough resources to fund his campaigns and therefore his allegiance will be only to the people,” James Mwangi from Kangema noted.

As opposed to many leaders who are users, hypocrites, mean, individualistic and controversial, Nyutu according to many is opposite.

In 2017, Nyutu sought for the Assembly Speaker’s position and he missed the seat with only three votes.

While his opponents has godfathers who influenced the process, Nyutu only had God the father.

His men have hinted that Nyutu will be unveiling his political team soon which will surprise many.

“We will crisscross the county to explain why Nyutu is the bests leader to succeed Kangata,” a member of his team said.

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