Revenue formula stalemate affecting service delivery to counties, Wa Iria

By Allan Wanjiku

Muranga Governor Mwangi Wa Iria. He says operations in counties affected by revenue formula stalemate

Council of Governor’s (COG) Vice Chairperson Mwangi Wa Iria wants the Senate to resolve the revenue allocation formula stalemate with speed since the debate has negatively affected service delivery in counties.

The Vice Chairperson who is also Muranga Governor noted with concern that Counties are yet to receive their June and July funds bringing the counties to a gridlock.

The County boss urged the Senate to approach the debate effectively and with absolute soberness to remove the delays that is paralyzing operations in counties.

“I call on the Senate to resolve the impasse and to allow the Treasury to release monies to counties to equip them in the fight against Covid-19 pandemic, the continued delay in disbursement of funds will only worsen the problems to counties in their preparedness against Coronavirus,” he said. has reliably learnt that several employees in County Governments are yet to receive their salaries and this has demotivated them.

The governor advised Senators to come up with a method that will ensure that no county gets more money than the other urging them to incorporate his Usawa Kwa Wote slogan which is translated to mean equity for all.

“We should not have a situation where one person gets Sh4000 while the other in another county is getting Sh30000, no county should receive more than the other,” the County boss added.

The Civic Renewal political party (CRP) leader proposed that the counties should be let capitalize on their resources to increase revenue.

While giving an example of Maasai Mara National Park where Narok County gets its fare share of the resource, governor Wa Iria said Muranga should also enjoy the proceeds of water which is largely distributed to Nairobi for free.

“Its imperative that just like Narok County gets money from wildlife, Muranga should also get money from water it distributes to Nairobi, its a pity that instead of leaders like Water Ps Irungu Wairagu to advocate for such initiatives, they award us with boreholes while our water runs in Nairobi taps for free,” he said.

At the same time, the 2022 Presidential aspirant urged Kenyans to continue adhering to Ministry of Health guidelines and to avoid alcohol saying it is an underlying factor that could lead to death when one is infected with Covid-19.

“Alcoholism is an underlying factor just like diabetes and over life style diseases, it lowers immunity and affected lungs and this could work against Covid-19 patients, people must avoid alcohol and replace it with tea,” he said.

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