Revival of railway line may finish Sagana town- business men

Josaya Mutugi

Buildings in Sagana town marked for demolitions, a threat to business in the area

The revival of railway services in Kenya is touted to revive businesses along the railway line, business professionals in Sagana town are staring at losses following the notice to demolish half of the fast growing town.

They argue that since time immemorial when the rail was active and operational, they built buildings where businesses thrived but it is worrying to receive demolition notices from the Kenya Railway officials.

They said the buildings were constructed as early as 1930s and that there was no misunderstanding between the business sector and the rail section, adding that they can’t understand why their premises have been marked x to be demolished.

“I’m a Geography teacher and I know of several maps so it was uncalled for and unwarranted for the railway line officials to claim that they are sitting on rail land.

Led by Kariti Ward MCA Joel Wagura said the management should have a round table meeting with County and local elders to prevent unnecessary squabbles between the locals and the Kenya Railway officials.

Leaders want the management of the Kenya Railway to have a meeting with locals

” While we support the National Government endeavours in reviving the sector we call on the management of the railway line to have a round table meeting with local leaders to iron the differences,” he said.

He said when the demolitions will be effected half of Sagana town will be affected.

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