Rough Sunday for Wairagu as Wanjiru Chege, Muturi Kigano dismantle him in daylight

By Allan Wanjiku

Wanjiru Chege, Monicah Juma, Wairagu among others (not in the right order)

It was a rough Sunday for Water and Sanitation Ps Irungu Wairagu after getting a lecture of the year from Women Rep Sabina Chege and Mp Muturi Kigano.

Wairagu who accompanied National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi at Kenya Njeru ACK church had told congregation how he had been able to deliver huge water projects to the locals.

“My work is to ensure that women do not carry jericans and that is why I have delivered water projects to our people,” Wairagu had told the congregants.

But in a swipe against Wairagu, Kigano dismissed the Water PS telling him that there were no water projects in Kangema.

“People have no access to water in Kangema, we need water,” Kigano lectured Wairagu.

In rejoinder, Chege rushed out at Wairagu saying he was milking with President Uhuru Kenyatta’s nappier grass and that his move created a notion that the President is not delivering to his people.

“This is totally wrong, there are some people who come to launch water projects and purport to get credits for the same, stop milking with Kenyatta’s Nappier grass,” Wanjiru said.

She also told Wairagu to drop his political ambitions and leave politics to the likes of her to advance his expertise in water sector.

At the same Chege declared her gubernatorial bid saying she is ready to become the first woman governor for Muranga.

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