Sabina Chege feeds over 100 Commercial Sex Workers.

By KK Online News

Sabina Chege feeds over 100 Commercial Sex Workers.
The Muranga Women Rep and Health chair committee in the National Assembly said the commercial sex workers have been badly hit by the Coronavirus pandemic since the pandemic has affected their jobs.

She said other than the food items, she will see to it that the sex workers are rehabilitated and then sponsor a project to ensure that earn a living through a moral a decent activity.
“These are our children, our sisters and mothers and we understand their situation, we shall rehabilitate them and ensure they get a project to rely on on bid to fees their families,” she told journalists.
On her part, the sexual workers chair Madam Gacheri called on government to extend the curfew hours for them up to 10pm so that they get an ample time to engage in the trading activity.
Ms Gacheri told the press that most of their clients who are mainly married men are currently with their families a move that has affected the whole chain.
“Most of our clients are marries men who come to us when they are not in good terms with their wives, the Coronavirus pandemic has disrupted a whole chain since we also take advantage of spouses difference to feed our children and to help our parents, we urge government to extend curfew hours to 10pm so that we also get a chance to earn a living because we are hungry and we are not ready to break people’s shops,” she said while thanking Ms Chege for her efforts to feed them.

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