Senior elected leaders employees to vie through CRP party

By Ndungu Gachane
CRP headquarters in Lavington town Nairobi. Most of the leaders in Muranga will be using the party to seek elective positions in 2022
Governor Mwangi Wa Iria’s political party has received a major boost after it emerged that employees working in political offices in Muranga have declared to use CRP party to vie in various political seats come 2022.
The party which is the only political party to be registered in Mt Kenya region currently has attracted political bigwigs in Mt Kenya region especially in Muranga, Nyeri, Kirinyaga and Mt Kenya region.
Several elected and nominated MCAs have publicly declared that they will be jumping from the troubled Jubilee party to the Civic Renewal Party (CRP) after learning that the party has been owned by electorates and that they can’t gamble by using other unpopular parties.
The party has become one of the ardent supporter of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s administration and his vision to the country including the big four agenda, unity and inclusion.
According to sources within Mt Kenya region, the party has already secured the region from invasion from other political parties especially those opposed to the President
 Due to its popularity in the grassroots, CRP party is expected to play a major role in shaping Central Kenya politics and how central Kenya will relate with other regions and other political  parties.
Other than popularity the party is also seen to be set to protect the region from toxic politics, protecting the legacy of the President and ensuring that the Kikuyu community has a say in the formation of the next government.
This was demonstrated early this year when Governor Mwangi Wa Iria stormed a meeting in Kandara where Deputy President and the leaders who support him were present.
The leaders had earlier spoken ill about the governor and the President.
Ken Wa Muthithi, 32 and a father of one currently works at the office of Muranga County Women Representative Sabina Chege office since 2016 when he received his letter of appointment from Parliamentary Service Commission and is also working as the head of communication at the Sabina Chege Foundation, a philanthropy group owned wholly by Ms Chege.
Sources close to the office of Ms Chege indicate that Mr Nganga was among the youth who approached her to enter into the murky world of politics in 2013 to vie for Kigumo Parliamentary seat.
While she accepted to get into politics, Ms Chege opted to go for women representative position and was voted overwhelmingly.
Mr Kenneth Ng’ang’a alias Ken Wa Muthithi. He has declared that he will be using CRP party to vie for a political seat in 2022
Ken Wa Muthithi is among the so many youth leaders who will be vying on a CRP party in 2022.
Another political employee who sought anonymity due to the ‘frosty working relationship’ between the boss and CRP party leader told KK Online News political desk that he will be in the ballot in 2022.
“My name will be in the ballot and I will use CRP as a political vehicle since my intelligence reveals that the party is not as loud in social media streets but has concentrated in grassroot mobilization. The party is very well known in Mathioya where I come from and I can tell you it will attract so many candidates,” the candidate said.
Mr Wa Iria has maintained that he will be vying for a Presidential seat in 2022 while the party will field various  candidates in various political positions.
The party has been engaged in a flurry of activities using online platforms to register more members using this message.
‘Jiunge na chama cha CRP Party kwa kutuma jina lako # nambari ya kitambulisho kwa nambari 21164.Ama ubonyeze *658*21# ungonjee majibu.CRP, Usawa Kwa Wote.”
KK Online News has reliably learnt that the party has opened offices in over 30 counties and has so far registered 300000 members.

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