Stop myopic politics over BBI, even America should borrow heavily on it, Former MP tells BBI critics

By Ndungu Gachane

Former MP Tirus Ngahu

Former Kangema MP Tirus Nyingi Ngahu want anti BBI critics to stop politicizing the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report over what he describes as myopic politics.

Mr Ngahu who is in charge of training masses on BBI says the agitation by some leaders allied to Deputy President William Ruto are unjustified, unmeritorious and a waste of time.

He says some concerns like the proposal by Tanga Tanga on inclusion of Guarantee Minimum Returns (GMR)on agricultural produce is unfounded since the proposed constitution amendment gives a lifeline for Parliament to enact such legislation.

“We can’t trivialise the referendum debate into agricultural produce prices, in the report there is a guideline on sustainable agriculture, economy and shared prosperity which will be legislated by the Parliament of Kenya, most of those ranting have not even read the report,” the MP said.

He says the proposed section 11 calls for the bills that will cushion farmers from unscrupulous people who take advantage of farmers.

He avers that if BBI critics want the referendum to address all the nitty gritties as they are then Parliament should be disbanded so that we phrase all the questions concerns and proposals in the draft.

“The work of Parliament is to legislate, even the 2010 constitution gave directives guidelines and deadlines for Parliament to enact specific laws to prevent lacuna in law, this is no different with the current constitution,” the MP explained.

He drummed up support for BBI report saying among other things it will help in the fight against graft by sourcing MPs from Parliament saying getting technocrats meant stealing for those in executive.

He added that the eradication of winner take all notion will mean that all Kenyans will live harmoniously without post election violence.

He said America should borrow heavily on the proposals in the BBI report to ensure that the runner up gets to Parliament to provide checks and balances to the serving government.

“Trump emerged the second with almost half of America’s voters, such a leader can’t be told to go home, he needs to be Parliament with shadow ministers to keep government in toes,” he said.

At the same time, Mr Ngahu castigated Former Senate Majority Leader Kipchumba Murkomen over his remarks on hospitals and Covid-19 saying he failed miserably to put into action his now found crocodile tears.

“He is all over accusing government of failing the health sector in readiness with fight against Covid-19. Let him be reminded that when the pandemic hit the country, he was the majority leader in Senate and Health is a devolved function. Instead of acting like a crying baby, let him tell us what he did to save and protect the country,” he posed.

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