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Athi Water Works Development Agency Director Peter Irungu Kihungi. He has announced that together with the MCA Kamote, they will work together to implement water projects in Wangu Ward.

Ministry of Water and the Athi Water Works Development Agency will work together with Wangu Ward MCA Isaac Kamote Waciama to implement the water development projects in Mr Kamote’s jurisdiction, Director Peter Irungu Kihungi has announced.
The director made the announcement in an exclusive interview with KK Online News bringing to an end the push and pull between the Ministry and the MCA.
While describing the differences as minute and unwarranted, Director Kihungi said he has personally worked with Mr Kamote at the County Assembly of Muranga and in the defunct Local Authority and can describe Mr Kamote as a leader who listens and cares for his people.
“We will work together with the MCA to implement all the water projects in his Ward, we are also glad that he has acknowledged the fact that in his ways of lobbying to his people, he visited the office of our workaholic Principal Secretary for Water Joseph Irungu Wairagu who then deployed engineers who went with Mr Kamote in the ground for survey, it is indeed true and we shall work with the MCA just like we continue to work with all other leaders across the country,” Mr Kihungi said.
“We are committed to ensuring that the people of Wangu just like the people of all other areas get clean safe drinking water and we shall work with Mr Kamote to realize our objective and to realize our goals,” he told KK Online News.
 Mr Kihungi was Kanyenyaini Ward MCA and a chairperson of defunct Muranga County Council before he was appointed by the Head of State in the popular Agency to provide water to Kenyans.
He has teamed up with Mr Wairagu popularly known as Wairagu Wa Maai to connect people with water a move they have undertaken with zeal and passion.
On his part, Mr Kamote welcomed the decision by his former colleague saying both parties were working for the better of the ordinary Kenyans in bid to connect them with water.
He said he has never had any ill motive against Mr Kihungi or Mr Wairagu and that he will continue patterning and lobbying to them so that his people get water.
“I’m very delighted to announce that after interventions by the government, the projects will start in June, I have sought the assistance from the office of Mr Wairagu for the water projects and other offices of the National Government for other projects, the government representatives are welcome to Wangu to launch the projects to realize the President’s agenda,” he told KK Online.
There has been a contention on who lobbied
The Ministry has outlined several water projects which will be initiated by June. The projects include: Laying of a 21.4 km of Gitweku Kagaa pipline, 35.5km Weithaga Gatheru transimission pipeline, 16.8 km Karuri Kalembe pipeline, 2km Mukangu pipeline, 7km Gatheru pipeline, 3km Gitie pipeline, 4km Mukungai river distribution, 12km Gikandu distribution 4kmGituto distribution,4km Gitie Distribution.


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