Unbowed Governor Waiguru calls out EACC

By Ndungu Gachane

Kirinyaga Governor Ann Waiguru. She remains unbowed even after EACC raids her homes

Kirinyaga Governor Ann Waiguru has chided Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission (EACC) accusing the commission of being used to shape 2022 succession politics.

The governor who was responding to EACC’s move to raid her Kirinyaga and Nairobi homes on Thursday said the move by the anti graft body was only to detract the nation from critical allegations against a multitude of persons on various multimillion corruption allegations.

“This is a decoy, it is intended to detract people who have recently been asking legitimate questions about how massive public monies have been spent, it is unjust to use other people as a decoy to cover other serious misdeeds in the country,” she said in a press statement.

The governor’s school of thought is that surrender of imprests which the EACC was investigating has never been the subject of corruption investigations as the law calls for surcharging the culprits under the normal practices.

She also wondered why the EACC’s fully armed officers complete with police toting machine guns had to raid her residence to look for travel imprests for official trips while the government process dictates that to establish on the matter they only need to ask for passports, tickets, imprests warrants. Ifmis print outs and receipt for monies refunded to the imprests giver.

She added that all the said documents are in the possession of EACC and the Senate saying their interest was not the investigations but to use her as a decoy and that the person who is behind the whole political game is well known by members of public.

The County boss who survived an impeachment motion recently required EACC to clear doubts on whether the investigations was for Sh22 million or Sh10 million as alleged by the County Assembly of Kirinyaga during the impeachment process.

” I’m also surprised that EACC now claims the investigations is of Sh22 million, I wonder where they got this figure from considering in the impeachment allegations and even their own interrogation of the same the amount was of Sh10 million,” she added.

The governor disclosed that even after long hours of search, the EACC only got her Cheque Book which had also been availed to EACC before.

While she supported corruption investigations, the governor urged that the probe should never be about side shows, politicking and image shaming.

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