Vibrant PMG’s son takes over from his late father, to seek Kandara parliamentary seat

By Alex Njuguna

Joseph Kibiro, PMG’s son

They say like father like son, and a cub crawls like a leopard that’s why Joseph Kibiru alias PMG junior seeks to fill the gaps left by his late father Phillip Njuguna Wa Ruth PMG.

Informed by the desire of his father to agitate and defend the rights of the people of Kandara, Kibiru has chosen to follow the footsteps of his late father who was fearless, determined and courageous enough to take on anyone who afflicted the poor.

The Celebrated Murang’a land activist who liked being referred to as independent thinker, died after a short illness on Sunday, April 11 this year.

He filed numerous law suits against a multinational fruit processing company Delmonte, Muranga and Kiambu County governments over what his Kandara Residents Association lobby group referred to as a historical land injustice and wanted the company to cede part of the land to locals.

PMG also unsuccessfully vied for Kandara MP in a disputed polls that saw him file a petition at Muranga High court challenging Wahome’s win but the petition was later dismissed based over technical issues.

His son, Kibiru seeks to ride on his father’s achievement to vie for Kandara parliamentary seat says he is equal to the task.

In an exclusive interview with, Kibiru said his father had mentored him politically and that he is not coming from the bush.

“I have been the Director for Investments at Kandara Residents Association and I brought major investors who advised my father on investment matters, I will ably represent my father although I must admit that his are very huge shoes,” Kibiru told our news desk.

Aged 32, the PMG’s holds a degree in International Business Administration where he majored in organizational management.

He is the current patron of Kandara Residents Association, a position he took over after the death of his father and mentor.

“My father challenged me to take up his roles in case she was unable to, together with help of Kandara residents Association I’m ready to the task, with my father’s blood in me plus my youthful nature. We shall defend the rights of our members,” he added.

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