VIDEO: A governor of 40k: Ruto dislocates Kangata’s political jaws

By Allan Wanjiku

Muranga Senator Francis Irungu Kangata will sleep a deeply wounded politician after Deputy President William Ruto hit him below the belt after humiliating him over his offer of Sh40000

Kangata who was speaking in Gatanga where Ruto had graced lawyer Edward Muriu’s function suggested that politicians fundraise to give the attendants fare to go back home when hell broke loose.

“I think as leaders we should give out fare for the attendants to go back and I will give Sh40000,” Kangata said before Ruto interrupted him and denied him the microphone.

Ruto sarcastically asked what type of governor Kagata wanted to become adding that there can’t be a governor worth Sh40000.

“Go get Sh100000 and back na usitusumbue, do we have a governor of 40k in Gatanga? He urged residents as Kangata left the podium embarrassed.

Ruto insinuated that Kangata was a gubernatorial candidate and as such the Sh40000 wasd not worthy a candidate aspiring to the County chief a move that left Kangata with an egg on his face.

The Deputy President went ahead and reprimanded Kangata that if he did not have the Sh100000 donation he could as well borrow the cash from him and later give a repayment plan a remark that attracted ridicule and laughter from the residents.

Kangata has been riding on waves and popularity of Presidential candidates to get elected but the statement by Ruto that he need to get money or get lost is an indication that this time round he will have to spend some money for him to get elected.

In 2017 Kangata sailed through after coining Kenyatta in his names where he came up with a slogan Ni Kenyatta na Kangat and this year he has been calling himself Kangata Ruto in bid to attract and sway the masses.

He is touted a stingy politician who don’t like spending a coin and some claim he can even leave his car to borrow yours in search of votes

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