Video: Gakuyo’s persecutors are jealous of his achievements, Speaker Muturi says

By Allan Wanjiku

National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi has defended controversial televangelist and the troubled Ekeza Sacco chairperson David Kariuki Ngare famously known as Gakuyo claiming his persecutors are jealous of his achievements.

Instead, the Mt Kenya region kingpin commended Gakuyo for his hard work that is characterized by vast business empire and encouraged him to ignore his detractors who he described as idle minds.

While speaking to a 700 members of clergy under the Covenant Clergy Alliance chaired by Gakuyo at Wempa Gikono Ranch in Muranga County on Saturday, Muturi told off the bishop’s critic’s telling them to start their businesses.

“A section of leaders like pointing fingers to their colleagues in bid to bring them down, if Gakuyo has done something wrong why is he yet to be apprehended by State agencies?” post Muturi.

He encouraged Gakuyo not to bother them as they were only ‘idle minds and baseless talkers who do not want to think on development of the country.”

The Presidential aspirant also said its high time leaders should consider restoring the dignity of the country.

He said most of the elected are insincere in their work and have been working to bring each other down instead of working for the people.

“Once elected the leaders only seek to serve their interests and engage in unnecessary sideshows” he said.

“If you see someone doing good go ahead and do something better instead of trying to bring them” he said.

He said the key transformation in the country shall be brought by better leadership urging the leaders to be accountable, transparent and open to criticism.

National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi with clergy led by Rev David Gakuyo at Kabati town

Although Muturi did not mention names, former Kiambu Governor and Gatundu South lawmaker Moses Kuria were on record  in 2018 where they accusing the self-styled bishop with stealing from Kenyans.

Gakuyo who is also the Bishop of Calvary Chosen Centre has been at the center of controversy after he was accused of swindling Kenyans millions of shillings in his Ekeza Sacco.

He accused Kabogo and Kuria of killing his business which had employed over 6000 locals but after the public uproar, government placed the Sacco under receivership

“They are hell-bent on destroying other people’s businesses. I want to vividly confront Kabogo and Kuria that they are citizens who are not mindful of Kenya’s economy. Your business is to kill other people’s businesses,” Gakuyo stated in retrospect of the warning Kabogo had issued.

While defending himself, Gakuyo challenged those with evidence to prosecute them saying his name has been disparaged for too long. He said it was a heavy burden to carry when people keep accusing you yet you are never prosecuted.

Together with other bishops, Gakuyo endorsed Muturi and said they would support his Presidential bid.

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