Video: Traffic snarl up as Karatina residents stops Wa Iria’s convoy

By Charles Njoroge.

Governor Mwangi Wa Iria in a past function

Traffic came to a stand still along the busy Karatina Nyeri road on Friday evening as residents stopped Presidential hopeful Mwangi Wa Iria’s convoy demanding that the governor’s address.

It took one resident who spotted Governor in his vehicle who went berserk and started chanting Usawa Nation slogans.

Other residents who included hawkers, shopkeepers and passersby rushed to the road and demanded to hear from the governor and to see him.

They said they had received a word that the governor had announced his Presidential ambitions and wanted to get the news from the horses mouth.

They complimented his economic mantra which involves putting money into people’s pockets by considering the poor of the poorest saying that he is a leader who the region and the country needed most and not a leader who will keep the country in an electioneering period.

They said Wa Iria is a leader who do not encourage  political factions as they divide people more.

“Nyeri is a Usawa Nation county. We value your leadership and we encourage you to vie for the country’s top seat,” residents were hears telling the governor.

Wa Iria was on his way to Nyeri in a preparation to attend a mega meeting in the county which will be attended by Mt Kenya region governors.

They pledged to support his presidential candidacy next year.

The governor left gifts and goodies that left people in pandemonium fighting for share.

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Kimani Githuku
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