Wa Iria comes to the rescue of Muranga priests

By Ndungu Gachane


Muranga Governor and clergy from different churches. He donated food to over 3000 hungry priests whose jobs have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic

Muranga Governor Mwangi Wa Iria has donated food to over 3000 priests whose jobs were affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The priests are drawn from different denominations in Muranga including the Catholic church, the ACK, ACC/C, Akorino sects among others.

Speaking at Golden Palm hotel in Kenol town when he officiated the relief food on Tuesday, the county governor said each priest will receive 10 kilograms of an assorted food which include maize and beans, cooling fat, unga among others.



The relief food packages meant for Muranga priests

“The  congregation sustain our priests through offering and tithes but since the Ministry of Health ordered for the closure of churches, our clergy are hungry and that’s why we have come to their rescue, the special package will take them between three to five days depending to the size of their families. We have agreed with the church heads that for the well up priests their food may be taken to their church members who are hungry.” Mr Iria said.

He said his administration has also issued food to mechanics, drivers and conductors of various matatu Saccos in Muranga and saloonists.

The County Chief said the relief package is only a short term goal since locals will harvest the hybrids seeds offered to them by his administration the food that will take them for a whole year.

“In the next one month, locals will harvest maize and seeds from the hybrid seeds we offered to them some times ago,” he noted.

Other than the relief to the clergy, Governor Wa Iria led administration has sponsored televised church services every Sunday with different denominations coming together to conduct a church service.

Speaking after receiving the donations ACC/S’s Fred Ngumo said through Wa Iria’s interventions have made the different church members realize that there is only one church.

“We shall remain grateful to Governor Wa Iria, he not only fed the hungry priests but he has united the church, through him, Akorino, the Catholic the ACK and other churches join hands on Sunday and conduct a joint ceremony,” Mr Ngumo said.


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