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Muranga Governor Mwangi Wa Iria has announced yet another mega project; the construction of Cancer Hospital which will be constructed for five months and will be launched on December this year.

The County boss announced the move on Tuesday during the dedication ceremony of Muranga ICU Centre, the biggest facility in terms of capacity in Kenya.

The facility has been constructed in a record of 19 days and has been fully equipped with 35 beds and ventilators, the first of its kind in Kenya followed by Kenyatta National Hospital which can only accommodate 21 patients.

The governor said the 7-storey building will be constructed at the County referral hospital and that his administration will partner with Indian hospitals to ensure that the 200-bed capacity will be at par with the hospitals in India where Kenyans and the nationals from other countries seek medical treatment for cancer treatment.

The outlook of Muranga ICU Centre, its the biggest in Kenya in terms of capacity followed by Kenyatta National Hospital

“It will be the first in the country since there is no other Cancer Hospital in Kenya, some are only Cancer units but the one we are constructing will admit both the out patients and the in patients, we are committed in investing in the health sector even if it means slashing funds allocated for murrrumming of roads,” the governor said.

Cancer has remained the county’s disaster and has claimed the lives of many including leaders of different stature and even poor Kenyans.

The Governor Mwangi Wa Iria administration will also embark on expanding the already existing Oxygen production unit at the hospital as well as installing the blood bank at the same facility.

“We already have an oxygen production unit at the hospital but we want to expand the unit since due to the ICU facility, the demand of the oxygen will be high, plans are also underway to install the blood bank unit at the hospital,” he announced.

Muranga Governor Mwangi Wa Iria inspecting the ventilators at the Muranga ICU Center. 

The dedication service saw different clergy praying for the facility and dedicating it to the Lord.

They included the Archbishop of AIPCA Julius Njoroge, five Anglican bishops led by Rt Rev Timothy Gichere and Julius Karanu, five Akorino bishops, Imams of Muslim community, and about 10 bishops of other interdenominational churches.

Bishop James Maria Wainaina of Catholic Diocese of Muranga and AIPCA Archbishop Juliua Njoroge leads clergy in dedicating and blessing Muranga ICU Centre

The spiritual heads praised Mr Wa Iria for his lightning speed of the construction of the facility and described him as a visionary leader who the country needs.

“Many could not believe that the facility could be constructed and fully equipped within 21 days, the facility will be of great benefit to the people of Muranmga, Mt Kenya region and the whole country at large,” Bishop Gichere of ACK Mt Kenya Central said.

The Head of Imams of Muranga Mr Nuno said “ The project is unique constructed at the highest construction level standards and is ahead of Kenyatta National Hospital which can only accommodate 21 patients, we can only ask Allah to grant the governor His mercies in his future political ambitions due to his service delivery to the people of Kenya.”

The governor said the facility will offer absolutely free services to the people of Kenya for the first three months.

Posted by KK ONLINE NEWS EDITOR at May 05, 2020

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