Wa Iria obtains court orders suspending his arrest warrant

By Ndungu Gachane

Governor Mwangi Wa Iria, he has obtained court orders staying his arrest warrant.

Muranga Governor Mwangi Wa Iria has obtained court orders barring the Senate Accounts Committee to direct the Inspector General of Police to arrest him.

The conservatory orders issued by High Court Judge L M Njuguna suspended the arrest warrant until September 9 when the matter shall be mentioned before Justice Mshila.

In a petition number 17 of 2020 filed at High Court under constitutional and human rights division, the Speaker of the Senate is listed as the first respondent while the Senate of Kenya has been listed as the second respondent.

The Inspector General of Police and 47 others have been listed as interested parties.

The court order reads in part… ” Pending hearing and determination of this application a conservatory order is hereby issued staying / suspending the decision of the Senate to direct the Inspector General of Police to arrest the governor or interfering with his rights and fundamental freedoms or that of the interested parties until September 9.”

The decision by the Senate Accounts Committee to order for the arrest of the governor next week over his alleged failure to appear before the committee has also elicited showdown between the Council of Governors and the Senate.

On Thursday the COG directed all the governors to ignore the summons by the Senate Committee until when Covid-19 pandemic has been managed and when the Senate resolves the revenue formula stalemate.

The COG also called on the DCI and EACC to investigate extortion claims by the Senate wondering why the committee by passed the directions from the Speaker to suspend physical meetings.

The instructions from the Speaker in a letter dated July 30, suspended the meetings for 30 days but the same has not been revised by the Senate Liaison Committee.

“That noting the escalation in the Covid-19 pandemic situation and the delicate phase into which the country may be entering, physical sittings of committees be suspended for a period of 30 days effective July 30 2020 and that consequently all sittings of Senate Committees be held virtual platforms during this period and that the situation be retrieved at the expiry of that period,” the directive read in part.

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