Wairagu Wa Maai’s team claims political endorsement is for the lazy, faint hearted

By Allan Wanjiku

Joseph Irungu Wairagu a man who is eyeing Muranga Gubernatorial bid next year

A day after Muranga Senator Irungu Kangata took to social media to praise Deputy President William Ruto for allegedly endorsing his gubernatorial bid, Irungu Wairagu’s   political think has downplayed the endorsement hullabaloos.

A fearless youth leader Betty Maina who also doubles up as Athi Water Works Development Agency member disassociated with the complaints of the political endorsements and maintained that they are only looking for the seal of approval from the electorate.

She took a swipe at the politicians who sit pretty waiting to be recommended by some political quarters describing them as political nerves.

Betty Maina, Athi Water Works Director

“Endorsement has never been part of our strategy, however we respect the strategy of the lazy and those that do not believe in themselves, they are sure Murang’a electorates would never consider them and thus they must consider endorsements as cosmetics or spices to make them try to gain some flavor, she said.

The no nonsense director said Wairagu’s team has conducted the simple but useful framework for analyzing your organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats popularly known as swot analysis  and they are sure that Wairagu would become the second governor for Muranga County.

She exuded confidence that Wairagu was first among equals and that he possess all the qualities that the next governor should have to propel the county forward.

“We are well prepared, fully equipped, fully committed, and ready to run a conduct a vigorous campaign with a view of capturing the gubernatorial seat within our own formula. Backward never, a win is ultimate,” she said.

Since Wairagu took over as Water PS, the water connectivity in Murang’a has increased from from 36 per cent in 2018 to 60 per cent this year.

He has said the government has initiated numerous water projects to compensate locals for the water drawn from their rivers and channeled to Nairobi county.

Wairagu said the government is also putting up water projects to help it catch up with the national water coverage that stands at 72 per cent.

“We want to bring up the connectivity so it can tally with the national coverage and ensure Murang’a people are not disadvantaged,” Wairagu said.

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