Wamatangi pumps Sh42 million in Kiharu challenges political failures

By Allan Wanjiku 
Some of the tanks constructed under Karanja Mburu Wamatangi. He has pumped Sh42 million in Kiharu for tanks construction
Most of the political leaders seeking elective posts during general elections usually come out one year before elections to popularize their names ahead of the general elections.
They engage in populistic projects like issuing caps, plates lesos and reflectors to self help groups and boda boda operators with their names and photos appearing in the donations.
When they lose, they go into political oblivion only to appear again after 5 years with the same card to confuse the unsuspecting voters.
But Kiharu Constituency philanthropist and Can Do Kids International Kenyan Director Karanja Mburu Wamatangi is rewriting the history by proving that he is not a politician but a leader.
Mr Wamatangi through Can Do Kids International has pumped over Sh42 million to Kiharu Constituency for tanks construction.
By now, 36 tanks have been constructed in Murarandia, Mbiri, Gaturi and Wangu Wards and four other tanks are under construction with an aim of covering the entire constituency.
The tanks size is 300000 liters with each approximately costing Sh1.5 million.
Most of the tanks are constructed in various schools to ensure that pupils do not carry water from home and to give them ample time for studying.
Mr Wamatangi says although he did not make it to Parliament in 2017 his vision of changing lives of Kiharu people is alive and he will stop at nothing until his constituents’ lives are changed to the better.
His acts of mercy and philanthropy is a sign that he was not seeking elective position for his self centrism, ego or seeking to amass wealth but to take part in nation building and uplifting the lives of fellow constituents.
“That is the spirit, changing lives with or without a political position, I was on the ground even after the day that I lost, and I shall continue working for my people to ensure that we get clean drinking water without mentioning the purpose of water even in the fight against the invisible Coronavirus enemy,” he tells KK Online News.
Water in schools has impacted positively to pupils’ performance as pupils no longer have to carry water to schools in the morning hours.
Other than construction of water tanks, Mr Wamatangi is also engaged in food distribution where last month his team fed about 5000 people who have been negatively affected by the Covid-19 disease.
And now, Wamatangi team which is coordinated by Mr George Gathuru has started round two of the food distribution project which targets 20,000 people in Kiharu.

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