Wamaua harshly responds to Ichagaki MCA, calls him a pathological liar

By Ndungu Gachane

Maragua MP Mary Waithira Wamaua, she denied claims that it is Ichagaki Ward MCA who lobbied for roads projects.

Maragua legislator Mary Waithira Njoroge has denied claims by Ichagaki MCA Charles Mwangi Nganga’s claims that he lobbied for feeder roads projects dismissing him as a pathological liar.

The MP said the MCA has not lobbied for the three feeder roads namely MOH/ Muslim Girls/ Itheru/Ichagaki, Kianjiruini/Wamuteme, Kibiriri, Kiamakumi- Githigi road and Kiamuohe Gikomora road all four kilometers as he claimed.

She said the MCA who is her political nemesis is lying to the members of public claiming she has lost ground and that he is only seeking relevance to redeem his lost political glory.

The MCA had said he singlehandedly lobbied for the projects while the MP was busy engaged in Tanga Tanga politics saying there are evidence at the Kenya Rural Roads Authority to back his claims.

Ichagaki Ward MCA Charles Mwangi Nganga alias Ichagaki one. He says he lobbied for roads projects while the MP was busy in Tanga Tanga politics

“She was busy advancing Tanga Tangaism when I lobbied for the projects, anyone can lobby for the projects to national government, County Government or from donors,” the MCA had said.

But the MP has come out gun blazing saying Kerra is under the National Government and that her office work closely with the Constituency Roads Officer where they sit and discuss what roads will be rehabilitated where.

“There is something called fuel levy where 22 per cent goes to roads we also have 10 per cent and together with Kerra officials we sit down to discuss what roads will be done where, in fact, cognizant to the fact that there are so many roads under the County Government, my office liaise with Kerra to assist , these are the roads that the MCA should be lobbying,” she added.

She dared the MCA to officiate the launch of the projects if at all his claims are valid, saying the roads cant start being repaired if and when she is not available or aware.

“He lied and if he is sure of what he is doing, why can’t he officiate the repair, this is a man who has lost touch on the ground and want to milk with my Nappier grass to redeem his dwindling political career,” the MP told Kkonlinenews.co.ke on phone.

She added that other the the threw projects, she has also lobbied for various roads in the Constituency including Kamahuha – Nyati Primary School, Kaharo – Itaga (4km) Itaaga – Nyagatugu, Muchagara road, College -Ciumbu – Mungetho (5km), Thangira – Makuyu, Ha button – Kangangu road among others.

She added that her office has also lobbied for 11 boreholes in Maragua and over 27 main water pipes but accused some MCAs of trying to hijack her efforts to claim credit.

“Some MCAs led by Kimorori’s Amos Murigi, Kambiti’s David Wagathoni, and Makuyu’s Stanley Maina went to launch a fake water project in Makuyu claiming they lobbied the projects from Water PS Joseph Wairagu,”

” For avoidance of doubt, the Kambiti project was not even complete when they purportedly launched it, it was a shame,” the MP said

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