We are behind our KTDA, Tea Farmers


Patrick Muthoni a tea farmer. He says tea farmers are not privy to the regulations by the Ministry of Agriculture and wants the government to involve them before implementing the them

Herman Wanyoike says they are behind the KTDA and not Cs Peter Munya’s regulations which he termed as unrealistic

 A section of tea farmers in Kangema Muranga have opposed the regulations by Ministry of Agriculture and have raised fears that the regulation may block their fortunes.

The farmers also claim the regulations were done with utmost secrecy and that they were not involved when coming up with the directives and they want CS Peter Munyaka to halt the implementation of the same so that they may get a chance to give their inputs.

Speaking at Kiarathe village in Kangema led by farmers Washington Mwangi, Patrick Muthoni among others, the farmers fear that the regulations may affect the day to day running of the factories and limit the amount of money they get due to some ‘unrealistic’ regulations like the leasing of lorries to ferry tea among others.

Herman Nyoike said the regulations by the Ministry require each of the factory to have at least 250 acres under tea and tree plantations a move, that according to Wanyoike may see closure of some factories who only ha e between 30 to 40 acres of land with tea.

“Almost all factories like the Kanyenya ini tea factory have between 30 to 40 acres and with the new law, they may be forces to either call it quit or buy more lands, and you know what, factories are owned by farmers not KTDA,” he said.

He said there is need for the Ministry of Agriculture to call for a meeting with KTDA which is a major player in the sector for a forum to help streamline the sector.

Patrick Muthoni urged the government to   circulate the regulations, to enable them make an informed decision instead of farmers depending on the media briefs.

“Two weeks after the regulations were issued majority of the growers and especially the aged are yet to understand them.  Many have heard them through the media, thus need for efforts to have them interpreted in local languages,” said Muthoni.

Last week, another group led by Wambugu Gachunji of Karurumo village supported the regulations as they proposed more changes.

The group has also proposed for reduction of the management fee to 1.5 percent from 2.5 percent.

The ministry has proposed the management fee be reduced from 2.5 percent to two percent

Posted by KK ONLINE NEWS EDITOR at May 04, 2020

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