Welcome to Kiharu Constituency where Public Primary and Day Schools are attractive than Private Schools

By Simon Kahara

The newly constructed Chief’s office under the patronage of Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro. 51 projects ongoing with the MP maintaining that all will be through before the schools reopen.

When Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro was seeking an elective position in his entry into the world of murky politics, he promised his electorates that he would ensure that he tiles public Primary and Day Schools, many thought it was just a political rhetoric like any other given to electorates during the campaign period.
However, immediately getting into office, the MP got down to work and the renovation of schools started, as we pen down this story, 51 projects are underway, while 8 administration offices being done, a new Administration Police line being constructed from scratch while many others are being renovated.Other than the schools, chief’s camps halls and laboratories have not been left out, here are some of the projects:Gaitega Chief’s Office, Matharite Chief’s Office, Theri Chief’s Office, Gikindu ACC Office at Kambirwa, Kahatia Chief’s Office, Gikandu Chief’s office at Kiawambeu, Njoguini Chief’s Office  – Almost starting, Mugeka AP line, Kiria Chief’s Office which is complete.

The newly constructed office under Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro

The MP says some schools like Mirichu Primary schools were in a worse state as they had no doors and windows but he is determined to have them tiled and upgrade.“This is a promise I made to my people and I want to assure them that we shall have finished doing the projects by 2022,” the MP told KK online News.Most of the schools in his Constituency have electricity and this has motivated pupils from poor backgrounds to feel equal with those in private schools.The move has played well into the physiology of pupils and this has greatly improved their performance.

MP Ndindi Nyoro inspects the tiling of a classroom

“I had the idea of bridging the gap between the children from the able backgrounds and those from poor backgrounds, they now go the schools in the same standards or even better than those in private, neat tiled and renovated and this has contributed to good performance,” he says.

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