Why a 30 year old Hongwe Aspirant is causing sleepless night to the sitting MCA

By Allan Wanjiku

Hongwe Ward Aspirant John Kamau Mbuthia

Eight months to the next general election, leaders seeking various elective position are still accelerating their meet the people tours in bid to popularize their candidature.

Honge Ward in Lamu West Constituency Lamu County is one such area where there is a bee hive of activities as aspirants endear themselves to the masses.

John Kamau Mbuthia, a journalist with vast experience on leadership and governance thanks for his exposure in the political field where he has interacted with major stakeholders, is among the candidates seeking to oust the incumbent James Komu.

Although he is in the list of five aspirants who are in the contest, Mr Komu seem to be a little bit perturbed by Mr Mbuthia’s moves that has attracted enormous following from the electorate.

It is his eloquence, understanding of the running of the county governments and the roles of Members of County Assemblies that puts Mbuthia at the central position to succeed Komu who has been accused of letting down the locals.

Although the elected leader enjoys the incumbency advantage, Komu seems to be on the losing side since he has been accused of negating his responsibilities. He is said to have relocated rom Hongwe upon his election in 2017.

Part of Mbuthia’s agenda in establishment of a processing units

“He has abandoned our parents and has made the fortunes of the youth to fade away that is why I made up my mind to seek the MCA position.” Mbuthia told KK Online News desk.

Mbuthia gave an example that in 2018, World Bank had proposed to construct a cotton processing plant at Sinambio area due to its enough space but the idea was dropped after the neighboring MCA politicized the matter.

“It was Komu’s obligation, duty and responsibility to protect the interests of Hongwe people. But he is inaccessible and has lost touch with the ground, as a result we lost job opportunities and value addition for cotton which would have earned our farmers good wages,” Mbuthia noted.

Three years later, the idle land was converted to a football pitch.

Part of Mbuthia’s agenda in health is to purchase makeshift ambulances and set them in different villages to ensure that the sick get to the health facility on time

“If elected MCA I will push for Introduction of feeding programs for our  learners to motivate them as well as  Introducing prize giving days/symposium/quizzes for the Junior Learners class 1 to 6 to boost the morale,” Mbuthia said.

On Agriculture, Mbuthia said he will personally get the Lamu County extension officers out of the slumber land and connect them to the farmers to ensure that they are informed on the best methods practices before engaging in farming.

He said he would push for public participation and contract farming between farmers and the county government of Lamu so that the farmers can get into a cooperative agreement to discourage exploitation from Middlemen.

“Sinambio water points drilled by Coast Water Development Agency is serving over 1200 households despite it being the only borehole project done in recent times. This is what I ought to do as from next year,” Mbuthia noted.

As a commitment to servant leadership, Mbuthia has promised that he shall use the Sh5 million mortgage and car loan to buy equipment’s kits like salon driers, metal fabricators drills, wood and joiner’s machine to the youth after sponsoring a 3-months short courses.



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