Why Gaturi MCA believes BBI would have created a lifeline to MCAs

By Charles Njoroge

Gaturi MCA Esther Mwihaki during a tree planting ceremony

The Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) would have created a lifeline for Members of County Assembly.

According to Gaturi MCA Esther Mwihaki, the proposal to have the Ward Development Fund (WDF) would ensure that the MCAs perform as opposed to the current situation where they have to kneel to devolved units and other government agencies for projects.

The knowledgeable, youthful and witty MCA said currently majority of MCAs do not have a kitty and depend on the established government agencies and well wishers for projects.

“At Constituency level, we have NGCDF and at County level we have the resource allocation, but MCAs have nothing, our performance therefore is determined by the devolved unit and our ability to lobby from agencies,” she said.

Research has shown that out of 100 MCAs only seven are re elected and this can be justified by Muranga case.

Out of the 35 Wars representatives elected in 2013, only four made a come back in 2017.

These are Peter Mweri (Muruka) Peter Murigi (Muruka) Eric Kamande (Kahumbu) and Isaac Kamote (Wangu).

MCA Mwihaki called on the potential governors to establish Ward Funds at the Ward level to take development at the grassroot level.

She spoke at Gaturi last week during a tree planting ceremony to mark the World Environment Day.

She urged the government and stakeholders to engage young children in school in tree Planting exercise and educating them on the importance of rehabilitating our environment.

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