Why Kamau Kamau believes he is the sure bet in unseating Muturi Kigano

Mr Kamau Kamau, he has announced intentions to run for Kangema parliamentary seat

By Ndungu Gachane

A youthful and ambitious turk has announced his intentions to give Kangema MP Muturi Kigano a run for his own money in 2022 parliamentary campaigns.

Mr Michael Kamau Kamau alias Kamau Kamau who unsuccessfully ran for Kangema parliamentary seat in 2017 believes younger generations must be included in greater decisions of our country by way of being elected to represent the interests of youth and the general populace in Parliament.

He says a time has come for the older generation to tap into innovativeness of younger generations to propel the country to a better and improved society.

“In the crisis of civilization great demands are always made upon youth but no generation has ever had heavier responsibilities than the present. Its a glorious thing to see a state saved by its youth,” Mr Kamau Kamau says quoting Disraeli.

Mr Kamau Kamau one of the sharp sons of Kangema is known for his strong youthful leadership skills and has heavily contributed and invested in education, youth empowerment, religion and community well being.

He has been in the forefront in supporting President Uhuru Kenyatta led administration and the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI.

He believes that the country, although adversely affected by the ruins of Coronavirus, will stand again but calls for self auditing and accountability.

“I strongly believe that Kenya as a nation is going to take off but there is more need into taking to account on auditing ourselves and the gains and losses that we have made,” Mr Kamau says.

The outgoing and promising politician believes the youth will save the nation and urges his peers to seek courage from God to purify the murky dirty politics and to remove tribal pride, class competition and injustices and to strengthen its moral foundation while at the same time deepening its religious faith.

“We pray that young people should never have self pity but rejoice in our age and make us adequate to the task that are placed upon us,” Mr Kamau Kamau who is an ardent christian says.

As an expert in marketing and advertising majoring in ICT industry, his election to Kangema MP would give the constituents the best placed person to connect youth with opportunities.

In the advent of technology, Mr Kamau Kamau becomes an ideal leader to help Kangema youth use technology to earn by virtue of his background.


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