Why Kangata is a politically wounded politician

By Allan Wanjiku

Kangata’s political team at Ps Irungu Wairagu and Jamleck Kamau’s teams

As Muranga gubernatorial race continues to take shape, Senator Irungu Kangata must be a politically depressed politician.

Although he is banking on his past political achievements where he goes for a term in every elective position and aimed higher, this time round, hurdles, obstacles and political stumps have surrounded Kangata’s political ambitions.

For you to sell your political agenda and to update your followers, you need political pillars who blogs, arranges for meetings, mcee the meetings, advise and most fund advises you.

These are the pillars that have now avoided Kangata like a plague.

Advisors, financiers, staff, bloggers, members of kitchen cabinet want to hear nothing from Kangata.

They have declared that they will not only finance his opponents but they will also tell the world ‘why Kangata is not the best governor for Muranga’.

One of his main lieutenant Joshua Githinji, two months ago made a sterning revelations on why he ditched his camp.

According to Githinji, Kangata ‘is a poor financial and political manager and a lone ranger who only believes in his own interests.

In a tell all facebook post that he later deleted Githinji further claimed that Kangata is an extremely decision maker and that Muranga deserves a proven human, financial and political manager to pick up the pieces that the ‘current regime will leave.

Over 15 staffs and soldiers have followed suit and have defected to Water PS Irungu Wairagu and former Kigumo MP Jamleck Kamau camps.

One of the defectors caught the public eyes because he is a childhood friend and a main confidant of Kangata. He is Kangie.

Sources close to the sources have revealed that Kangata is having sleepless nights because Kangie knows Kangata too well a move that may be a political disaster to Kangata.

“Nindauma kwa waing’a,” Kangie who looked relieved after meeting Kamau was heard saying.

Others who have defected include Flashia Nduta who was nominated by Kangata at Muranga County Assembly due to her influence and the role she played to deliver Kigumo Constituency votes.

It is said that due to the young turk’s influence, Kangata is losing Kigumo day by day, night by night.

Wamuthumbi Njuguna is another charismatic political influencer that Kangata has lost.

Njuguna was responsible for Kangata’s landslide win in Kandara. He has now defected to Wairagu’s camp.

Prior to his defection, Wamuthumbi was a Constituency Coordinator at the Senator’s office a position that exposed him to all the Constituency contacts.

Mr Samuel Gatuguta alias Slasher was a mobilisation officer who was in charge of mobilizing agents for Kangata’s 2017 campaigns.

He played a central role of identifying county agents who would not be easily comprised and his defection is a serious blow to Kangata’s ambitions.

Drivers are very key people in the political world, they know and hear what their bosses plan for political survival and losing them could mean that your strategy is exposed.

That is the case with Kangata. He has lost his childhood friend who was his driver. He is Joseph Karatu, who is very influencial at Kangata’s Grogon home area in Muranga town.

A man who composed a song “Muranga turenda Irungu Kangata’ has also dumped him and joined Wairagu Wa Maai’s Kwaura Kwaura’s team. The artist has been composing catchy political lyrics to Kangata since his tenure as a Councillor.

Others are Catherine Wangui (Cate) Mama Shiku among others.

Though he has since started calling himself Kangata Ruto probably to sway the locals and to associate with Ruto’s popularity,  it remains unclear what is his next strategy and whether he will invite himself to a meeting and ask himself where he has gone wrong to loose a political battalion that is much needed during an electioneering period.

He has only remained with only five members of staff all of them; men.

One of the five members is planning to run for an elective position next year and this makes Kangata’s case more complicated.

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