Why ‘Kifeeti’ has donated his precious car to the society

By Allan Wanjiku

Samuel Mwangi alias Kifeeti’s car which he has donated to the society

They say politics is the art of compromise and that politics play a large role in shaping society.

Armed with that justification, Samuel Mwangi alias Kifeeti has decided to donate his precious car to the society which now serves as a community service van for free.

Fully fueled, serviced and maintained by Kifeeti, the vehicle is now serving the people of Gitugi during weddings, dowry ceremonies and other communal activities.

The car also takes the sick to the hospital and facilitate transport for women who are in organized groups and they are a happy lot.

A grassroot mobilizer and a man who other name is a ‘loyalty’ Kifeeti is remembered for the development track record in Gitugi which include access roads and other functions of the devolved units.

This is because he is the Ward clerk for Ward and the ‘acting’ Member of the County Assembly after the area MCA failed to maintain a proper cordial working relationship with Governor Mwangi Wa Iria.

Samuel Mwangi alias Kifeeti with President Uhuru Kenyatta

For some, politicians are seen as disingenuous people seeking power, for others they represent solutions to community ills and this is what Kifeeti believes in.

“If it was about power, some of the things we forego because of the community can’t never be forgone, its the passion and my love for my people that drives me,” he says.

A well connected leader works well with the likes of iconic philanthropists who include anti jigger crusader Stanley Kamau alias Kamau Wa Ndutu and blended with his closeness with Governor Mwangi Wa Iria, Gitugi has shined.

Kifeeti who unsuccessfully vied for MCA in 2017 by garnering 2070 votes will be trying his luck next year but this time through using Usawa Kwa Wote party affiliated to Governor Wa Iria.

Every other leader with elective post ambitions will not ignore this leader thanks for his tireless efforts to be closer to people.

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