Why MCA Eric Kamande’s candidature for Kigumo parliamentary seat should worry other contenders

By Ndungu Gachane

Muranga County Assembly Majority Leader Eric Kamande Kimani. He is among the political bigwigs set to seek Kigumo parliamentary seat in Kigumo

Muranga County Assembly Majority Leader Eric Kamande Kimani is warming up to seek Kigumo parliamentary seat in 2022.

The man with vast experience in leadership and his social interaction mantra is set to give political bigwigs sleepless nights owing to the geographical location of his Kahumbu Ward given that majority of his opponents hail from the upper Kigumo.

The current MP Wangari Mwaniki and former Mp Jamleck Kamau hails from Kigumo Ward while Muranga Women Representative Wanjiru Chege and Chief of Staff to Governor Mwangi Wa Iria, Mr Karanja Muturi come from Kinyona Ward.

A host of other contenders for the Kigumo Constituency who has not made serious political strides come from Kangari and Kinyona Wards.

All the under listed leaders are touted to seek the parliamentary seat but their locations may work negatively to their political ambitions.

This leaves Mr Kamande as the sole contender who may carry the day and who may be the next Kigumo MP.

This is because, the youthful turk will be left with Kahumbu and Muthithi Wards to dominate which are to the south of Kigumo while his opponents will have to divide equally the remaining votes from the upper Kigumo.

Mr Kamande is serving his second term as Kahumbu Ward MCA and his is among the only four MCAs who made a come back to serve in the second Assembly.

He met a strong and serious opposition from Mr Kamau who had his favourite candidate in both 2013 and 2017 elections but Mr Kamande triumphed and emerged victorious.

To date, the humble and down to earth MCA has been engaged in philanthropic deeds where he has been constructing houses for the poor who live under deplorable conditions.

Mr Kamande served as the chairperson for Finance and also for the departmental committee for PAC and is now serving as the majority leader of the second County Assembly of Muranga.

This puts him in proximity to being nominated as a Cabinet Secretary or in a powerful committee of the National Assembly should he be elected in 2022 especially during this period of a looming constitutional change.

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