Why Muranga MCAs are plotting impeachment against a senior officer in Wa Iria’s adminstration

By Ndungu Gachane

A section of Muranga MCAs

A section of Members of Murang’a County Assembly (MCAs) are planning an impeachment motion against Finance Chief Officer Mr Gicheha over their monthly salaries.

The plan to dislodge Mr Gicheha which may be a major blow to Governor Mwangi Wa Iria adminstration, was hatched in Muranga County Assembly WhatsApp group when several MCAs including Kanyenyaini MCA Jeremiah Kongo, a nominated MCA and Kimorori’s Amos Murigi among others suggested the idea.

The threat started when Mr Kongo told his colleagues that they would lose nothing by impeaching the chief officer and that he does not want to seek re election in Kanyenyaini Ward.

“lets impeach the chief officer i have been pleading for a tractor for a period of three years and my pleas have been falling into deaf years, im not interested in seeking re election, ” Mr Kongo wrote at the WhatsApp.

His statement was complimented by a nominated MCA who asked of the whereabouts of the Speaker quoting him to have said people would ‘run’ this year.

On his part, Mr Murigi advised the MCAs to meet him over the plan and promised them a traditional beer populalry known as Muratina.

He however warned that anyone interested in joining the meeting must leave his or her phone since some people would record the conversation and then send it to the Executive led by Governor Mwangi Wa Iria.

“Although we are broke, i may not lack a few coins for three or four bottles to plan about this agenda. However no phones will be allowed in the meeting since some people have a habit of recording the conversation with an intention of sending the same to the Executive, “Mr Murigi told the members.

The agitated MCAs wondered why the governor was giving bursaries yet they have not been paid for three months.

In the last Assembly, MCAs hatched a plan to impeach the then Finance CEC George Kamau and when it was unsuccessful, they impeached the governor who was later saved by the Senate.

The plan is a well choreographed plan to distabalise  Governor Mwangi Wa Iria’s adminstration by the County Chief’s rivals.

Consequently, the governor on Tuesday cautioned MCAs not to allow outsiders to use them to distabilize his administration and promised to work together with them to bring development in their respective Wards.

“I have no problem with MCAs, they are welcome in my activities so that we work together to better the lives of our constituents, i however wish to caution them from being misused by outsiders, ” he said.

He also urged politicians seeking various political seats to desist from dragging his name in their campaigns as he is not competing with them.

“I want to run for Presidency, others seeking various seats including the governor should be told i was there seven years ago, Im not competing with them and they should not drag me in their campaigns, ” he added

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