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Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro has castigated President Uhuru Kenyatta for what he describes as poisoning Kenyans against ODM Raila Odinga during the general elections and later letting Mr Odinga enjoying the fruits of Jubilee government.

The unapologetic Dr William Ruto lieutenant says Kenyans are extremely mad against the President who used all sorts of names against Mr Odinga including and not limited to calling Mr Odinga a mad man in 2017 and three years later letting Mr Odinga enjoy the fruits of Uhuruto government and seemingly controlling the ruling Jubilee party.

Speaking about the impending Cabinet reshuffle in a move touted to incorporate Mr Odinga’s ODM wing into the government, Mr Nyoro said the President was free to incorporate him into the government warning that if Mr Kenyatta continued misgoverning the country, he would be remembered for that.

“If Uhuru decides to incorporate Mr Odinga its okey but Kenyans are very made because he (Uhuru) poisoned Kenyans that Mr Odinga was a mad man but he is now enjoying the fruits of the government he never fought for,” he told journalists on Wednesday at Kiawambeu village in Kiharu Constituency.

Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro on May 6 at Kiawambeu village during inspection of Kiawambeu chief’s camp which was built from scratch. He said Kenyans are mad at Uhuru for inciting them against Raila Odinga only for him to wine and dine with him three years later

Mr Nyoro attributed Jubilee woes to Mr Odinga who he claimed has been using the party’s Secretary General Raphael Tuju to disorient the party to destroy its structures, objectives and vision of the country in efforts to curtail Dr Ruto’s 2022 Presidential bid at the pleasure of Mr Odinga.

He claimed the Kieleweke wing of Jubilee party has gone ahead to register a political party The National Unity (TNU) which will field Mr Odinga and a section of Jubilee party once their mission of destroying the ruling party is accomplished.

“Here is their game plan, Mr Odinga to use Mr Tuju to destroy Jubilee party so that Dr Ruto’s Presidential bid is disoriented, once they are through, they run into TNU which is former PNU party. But I want to advise them that very soon, we shall wake up and defend the party since it does not belong to the simple few but for all members regardless of their stature in the society,” he said adding that their rejoinder will be messy.

He said Jubilee party has been performing dismally in its second time for incorporating Mr Odinga who he associated with bad luck in all his undertakings.

MP Ndindi Nyoro said a time is coming when they shall respond to Jubilee woes and that theirs will be messy

“Mr Odinga is the father of misfortunes and violence, he started disorienting his father and now he is doing it in Jubilee now, the programs such as the electrification and others,” he said.

Posted by KK ONLINE NEWS EDITOR at May 06, 2020 

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